New Couple??? Shawty Lo And Royce Reed Spotted Bunned Up In The Club In Atlanta

- By Bossip Staff

Don’t feel bad if you don’t remember who Shawty Lo is. He really is no more relevant any of Royce’s other conquests not named Dwight.

But apparently that’s who Royce chose to kick it with over the weekend. They may not look it in front of the camera, but the story is that these two were closer than close at Velvet Room in Atlanta on Sunday, after having arrived at the club together. And, of course, they were spotted leaving together.

The only thing is, Shawty Lo is so named because he is, in fact a shrimp. And we know Royce likes a certain type of guy, from what we’ve seen on “Basketball Wives.” Maybe that’s why he was standing on a couch…

Can you see these two as an item?

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  • BayAreaElite

    Brown Paper Bag ol Dope Boy Money- WHAAT? Ole Dope Boi Money- That’s The Man Right there Kapeesh?
    HAHA I Love Shawty Lo
    If they was a New couple, I’m Not Mad! Little People Belong with Little People

  • **tHe SwEeTeSt SiN**

    uuh ooh!! L-O is a cutie #hecouldgetit!! Best wishes to them!! = )

  • Spicy

    Well i think they would make an alright couple. BUT…… I agree with her family, i think she needs to be by herself for a while. EVEN though theres nothing wrong with going on a couple dates. Just dont have them all on the show. Keep it private or close.. Relationships last longer that way…. She gets attached too quick from what we see on tv.

  • Bree

    I like Royce.. I think she’s one of da realest on “basketball wives”.. As far as da shawty lo thing, I dont think they’re a couple, everyone knowz royce jus likes 2 kick it.. They’re obviously jus friendz,.. Besides, royce likes tall, dark, muscular men

  • Westside cutie!!!!

    Luvs Royce! I lIke how she don’t take no crap from no one and stands up for herself! Don’t underestimate the shorties, they are a force to be reckoned with! I’m proof! If she is dating Shawty-lo no shade! I say live ur life to the fullest and have fun and stay safe!

  • aye yo

    I didn’t know he was with G-Unit now. Him and Royce on each others level swag wise, well Shawty Lo mave have a little bit more. Royce is a lame and very childish. So, I guess its a good look for them

  • Cici & Coco -The Besties

    Who wears gunit shirts anymore. & i thought he was short? How tall is royce?? I demand to know what he’s standing on!

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