Question Of The Day: Should Evelyn Be Mad That Jen Called Chad What He Is An Attention Whore?

- By Bossip Staff

Monday night’s episode of “Basketball Wives” showed you the moment we told you was coming… the tension between BFF’s Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams reached an all time high after Evelyn received the audio from a radio interview Jennifer did in Ohio where she called Evelyn’s fiance Chad Ochocinco an “Attention Whore” and questioned why she’d want to go “down that road again” after already being involved in a bad situation with another athlete.

After being confronted, Jen defended herself by saying she’d told Evelyn how she felt face to face and that what she said was true. Evelyn said she was most hurt not about what she said but that SHE said it. Evelyn stormed out — and Jennifer was shown falling into tears. Tami and Shaunie brought Jennifer to Evelyn’s room in hopes of coming to a resolution. But Evelyn wouldn’t open the door.

We’ll find out what happens next week, but in the meantime — we wanted to ask…

All we know is Jen better be careful. We see that glass in Evelyn’s hand!!!

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  • m

    Evelyn should not be mad. She already knew how Jen felt. What’s the difference between saying it on TV and on the radio…nothing. and Jen is right. He was just on a reality show “looking for love” and now he’s all of sudden engaged. Evelyn better wake up cause when this relationship goes away ( and we know it will) she’s going to look real stupid

  • Awish

    Didnt he dump her anyway? She’s a nut anyway.

  • @kiyakeyz

    I can understand both views!!! Guess we’ll have to see how this unfolds! Evelyn & tami had me rollin with the comment about meeka ( eyeball wrapped in bacon).. I fell tha f out!!!!

  • deesmart

    I feel if Evelyn is taking this way to hard. Jennifer’s her friend she didn’t say anything that she hasn’t say already said to her and the world its not like she didn’t already say that on the show so why it it hurting Evelyn now she just want some dtama but if I was Jennifer I Would not even care cause if it was me and my bff than who cares we not letting no man come between us she act like Jennifer F…. him get over it Evelyn its not that serious

  • sexxy

    Jen was not wrong,she already told eve that last season,eve is just full of drama n shit….she has all this negative stuff to say abt eric but Jen is not allow of her opinion of chad,she was bashing Eric on tv n Jen give her opinion on radio, eve is is #nmff she need to get down her high horse she is standing on….smh

  • Tye

    Jen didn’t say anything wrong. She’s entitled to her own opinion & she’s already told Evelyn that so why is she so hysterical? I believe Evelyn & Ochocinco have a made for tv romance b/c isn’t that the same ring that he had w/all the trollops that were trying to get him on that other show? Bs how long did it take him to propose? Evelyn get over it Jen can speak her mind, she was kicking Eric’s back in before they split up. They’ll make up probably already have, she made up w/motor mouth Suzie.

  • gina

    None of them should be mad if anyone calls them anything that is not nice because they are paid very well to be their true selves.

  • justme

    Ok, I see the point about her relationship and the way WE are perceiving who they are and how they live their lives. But if u have a problem with your friends man, u tell her, not a city or the world. Period!! Because another couples relationship isn’t anyone else’s business. Especially if I asked u what u said on your interview and u don’t just say it flat out. Chad didn’t do anything to Jenn for her to have an attitude with him. Jenn was already talking about leaving Eric, not just engaged to him. There’s a big difference between bad mouthing someone’s mate at the end of their relationship as oppose to the beginning of it and that’s why Jenn is wrong. When your Best friend makes a decision that isn’t putting her or your life or money in jeopardy, u ride with the decision, and wish them the best. Unless he’s slapping her upside the head, then that’s something else.

  • JuzPeachy

    I don’t think it was just that comment that bothered her. I just think her saying it pushed everything over the edge. Ev already said she felt Jen wasn’t supportive of her relationship. It’s sad when “friends” fall out because of stupid stuff like that

  • Forevayung

    The last time I looked Chad was the one with some kind of talent , what does she do!

  • you watch what?

    Who givs a flying fluck? You guys care about hoes. Their only goal is to marry rich black men and usw them for the money

  • No-INtro

    The truth hurts, but it will always set you free.

  • nikki

    Eve overeacted, period. Like someone else said, she talked about Jen’s ex husband and tried to encourage her to cheat and now that Jennifer said what she said, which wasn’t that bad, she wants to jump attitude. Jennifer to me was speaking the truth in saying that Evelyn had already been down that road and that she didn’t need to go there again. Evelyn needs to apologize to Jennifer, because men come a dime a dollar and odds are she and chad won’t be together forever.

  • Tiffie

    its not what u do, its how u do it…yes Jen told Eve..i agree..however, when the convo/question came up about Chad, & Eve, she shoulda shunned it…”i dont talk bout my bff relation” sweet, & simple.. Public relations…hire some1…

  • their both right

    I think wat jen said was rite but u don’t blast that 2 the world. if they really are n love (which I doubt) and trying to convince the world, the last thing ev needs is for her best friend to publicly bash her relationship 2. she should’ve just said “if she’s happy, I’m happy” and kept it pushin

  • http://yahoo Latrice

    Jen may have been correct but as a bestfriend she was dead wrong..this is your girl the that suppose to have your back…meaning you don’t go to a radio show and air out your bff business…then stand there looking stupid like you did nothing wrong…its a girlfriend code you be there for your friends to listen and give advice when asked

  • Cush33

    I think Evelyn said it’s more than just that. Jennifer isn’t supporting and recording just pushed it over the edge. If u see ur bestfriend in a club and don’t speck to them because of a man really. But I also feel like Jen think Chad is using Evelyn because everybody not feeling him like that but with that extra with him he get more attention. Jen should not have went on the radio. She should sat down and talked with her about how she feels about the situation. Never blast a friend or there mate to someone else.

  • wendy

    I agree with justme,and latrice comment. That’s ur best friend, u don’t expose what’s going on in their relationship. Just say no comment, ask evelyn yourself and change the subject…

  • tamekia5409


  • erica

    First of all Jenn didn’t put Evelyn’s biz out there because she puts it out there herself. The cameras was there when she met up with Chad and screwed him the first night. The cameras were there when they went to the fertility clinic talkin about we want twins so how is she gonna be mad when everybody already knows her biz. Jen had already told Evelyn how she felt about their relationship. That’s not jealousy. Plus she met him Twitter.

  • Gifted-writer

    Most of these comments are from youngsters I can tell… This is reality tv, however, if this is the example our future leaders are seeing its sad. We try to raise our kids, but sometimes some of them will skip thru the cracks, allowing shows like this to influence decisions they will make. BOTTOM LINE: FRIENDS ARE FRIENDS, MEN WOOL COME AND GO! JENNIFER, SHOULD HAVE KEPT IT 100% WITH EVELYN, AND LEFT IT THERE. I DONT CARE HOW MANY TIMES YOU TELL ME HOW YOU FEEL, KEEP IT BETWEEN OUR CONVOS, NOT SPEAK ON IT OUTSIDE OFF MY PRESENCE. EVELYN, ALSO NEEDS A LESSON IN HOW TO BE A TRUE FRIEND… TALK THE SITUATION OUT, ACCEPT APOLOGIES AND MOVE ON.. PERIOD

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