Tweet Of The Day: Kanye West Makes A Twitter Comeback To Caption The “Wizber” Picture Seen Around The World

- By Bossip Staff

You might remember we pointed out a couple of weeks ago that Yeezy hadn’t touched his Twitter account since March.

He made a quick come back on July 4th to promo-hoe for “Watch The Throne” which obviously didn’t drop that day like they had announced. But that still wasn’t the Yeezy we know and love.

That picture of Wiz Khalifa justifying his love on stage though, was too much temptation for Kanye not to say something reckless… so he did.

Don’t front like that wasn’t your firs thought too! The tweet appeared on Yeezy’s time line early this morning, when Kanye – forgetting that his European fans were already up – thought no one would catch it.

Of course, that tweet has since disappeared… Doesn’t make it any less funny.

Here’s the thing though: how much of Hip-Hop could Amber have possibly seen between Yeezy and Wiz? Doesn’t this tweet mean that Yeezy had at least half of Hip-Hop wifed up all that time?

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  • wizfan

    Come on…is Kanye really that salty over his & amber’s break up…she moved on…let it go..Kanye’s always sayin somethin..a lil jealous maybe..or maube he’s still in love with her..

  • gabz

    Or she’s just a hoe & he’s making a point…

  • go en

    Tell it bro bro tell it

  • mz_orb

    Woo, shots fired. Wonder how Wiz will respond. He’s not gonna take too much of Yeezy talkin greasy about his woman. Hope it doesnn’t get too violent or out of hand.

  • goony

    I hope it escalates and turns violent.

  • p

    When he says “Whole of hip hop”, he is referring to Himself. He is so concieted and a cry baby its ridiculous.

  • Lacey Anthony (Her Sister)

    Lol @goony

  • yoggie

    Follow me @graduateyolanda

  • Queenvirgo

    He’s actn like a bitter bitc* it dont matter who she was b4 him he loved who she was when they were together now if he’ make these same comments w.out askn her to sign them papers after they broke up then I might believe him. But since she cant speak on him per his request that he paid for o we n buy it he jealous end of story

  • BEYondLove

    Aww boo!! I love Kanye, I think he still has feelings for her and showing them all the time. Her n wiz r such an odd couple. He should get w Fantasia, they’re more a like. (looks wise, they’re both dirty looking)

  • Juliemango

    The whole of hip hop ate good!!!

  • Asia

    They need to jus squash it, be about that bread and do a record together.

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