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This guy claims that he was sexually harassed and demands $10 million for having to look at Britney’s bare vajayjay!

Britney Spears’ ex-minder has painted a disturbing portrait of the pop superstar in sensational new court papers — alleging she used various drugs including methamphetamines and a drug used to treat heroin or morphine overdoses. The attorney for Spears’ Co-Conservators has filed a motion to strike these allegations claiming they are false.

Former cop Fernando Flores is suing the star’s conservators alleging sexual harassment against Spears. Flores alleges he faced a series of bizarre come-ons from Britney, 29, who paraded naked in front of him and often beckoned him into her bedroom for sex.

In recent filings of Flores’ lawsuit, a copy of which and Star magazine have exclusively obtained, the former bodyguard ratcheted up his charges against the Toxic singer, claiming she broke wind and picked her nose “unapologetically,” did not shower for days on end, nor brushed her teeth or ever wore deodorant.

“Spears was generally personally unkempt,” Flores, 29, alleged.

Day-um! As politically correct as “personally unkempt” sounds absolutely disgusting. Flores goes on to say:

He claims, “Defendant Spears was mentally unstable, and personally obnoxious and demanding, requiring her staff on various occasions and for no rationally discernable reasons to address her as “Jennifer” or “Queen Bee,” on other occasions, Defendant Spears would cut her hair in an erratic fashion, leaving uneven and bald spots on her head.”

Translation: “That b!*$# is crazy.”

Then there was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Flores worked for Spears from February until July, 2010, when he stormed out of her Calabasas, Calif., mansion after she allegedly bent over in a short nightie to expose herself.

Wow, clearly we’ve all seen Britney’s naughty bits several times over but damn, it must look even worse live and in the flesh if this guy quit and wants all that money!

via RadarOnline

Peep a few other pics of “Bat-sh!t” Brit’s F’n psycho days when Flores was her bodyguard.



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