Awww Poor Baby: Bow Wow Throws A Twitter Tantrum And Threatens To Delete His Account

- By Bossip Staff

Bow Weezy is PMS-ing again, it seems.

Apparently someone on Twitter sent a fake tweet that made Bow Wow angry and he decided to vent:

“Since mufuggas wanna be putty’s and fake tweet fake statements how bout i just shut down my twitter. You can thank the dumb fawks for it!”

We’re not quite sure what it means to “fake tweet fake statements,” but whoever did it is going to incur the wrath of new daddy Bow Wow. We bet those “mafuggas” are shaking in their boots.

The original fake tweet was someone impersonating Bow Wow and saying: “Haters can say wut they want. I bet u can’t name another rapper-turned-actor better than me!” This, of course, had the Twitter world going nuts and trashing Bow. And now Bow is upset. *sad face*

But really, do you think Bow will actually leave the social networking site or is he crying wolf like everyone else that claims they’re leaving? Oh yeah, Bow also has a new mixtape coming out, soon. Line up for that, kids.

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  • Cole

    I think bow wow just wanted to lett them know that he’s not happy . So he wanted to make them feel scared or something idkk.

  • Li

    Yeah…he’s stirring up drama to remain relevant…especially since he’s got a new mixtape coming out. Must be hard.

  • Lethal_Tongue

    *side-eye* This wasn’t a good post…On another note…I’m happy it wasn’t a long rant…Because then I’d have to click 20 times to get the entire story…

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