Another Throwback Hits The Big Screen: Who’s Ready For A ‘Captain Planet’ Movie?!

- By Bossip Staff

They just won’t stop with these remakes, will they?

Probably thanks to the fact that Transformers sucks but people still pay money to see it Transformers is so successful, Hollyweird is gearing up to make some more cartoons into big screen blockbusters. The latest franchise to make it is Captain Planet.

Don Murphy, who produced the first two Transformers flicks, is teaming up with Cartoon Network to make a live-action version of Captain Planet. Does this mean that there will be some guy in powder blue paint and red tights flying around? That’d be pretty weird.

Hopefully, they find some use of the “heart” kid. He had the lamest power in the world! Who would take a ring that allows you to make animals hug each other? He shoulda pawned that ring off for a flatscreen. SMH.

Who’s excited about a Captain Planet movie?

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  • Miss_Danielle

    HELL YEAH!!! “The Power Is Yours”…

  • Pookie

    Hahhahahaa ‘the power is yours’. Used to try saying it the same time as captain planet. Lol good memories

  • Soulglo

    Noooo!!!!! Captain Planet was weak! They should remake Thundercats!!!! They go hard in tha m@#&$ f$&%#@ paint. *Waka voice*

  • Steelcitychick

    Hell ya! Captain Planet was the shyt! Cartoons with a conscience!

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