Warn The Town… The Beast Is Loose! Leopard Mauls 11 In India BeforeThat Good Lay Down Dart Put His Azz To Sleep!

- By Bossip Staff

And you thought it wasn’t safe in YOUR hood. Try living in the Indian village of Prakash Nagar, where a leopard on the loose mauled 11 people Tuesday before it was finally brought down by officials shooting tranquilizer darts.

That picture speaks volumes! Dude was SHOOK WILSON… and we don’t blame him one bit.

Photos captured of the incident show the spotted leopard in full attack mode as forest guards tried to subdue the animal, all while crowds of villagers watched in horror.

According to officials the wild cat had strayed into a densely populated part of the city when it went on the offensive after crowds started to gather.

Several attempts were made before the guards were finally able to shoot the adult leopard with a tranquilizer dart.

Some reports say the animal eventually died due to knife wounds.

Watch the video below and check out lots more photos:

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  • 7lady

    Now aint that a b*tch! They can see real good when it come to humans. But a leopard come in town an they can’t shoot it down. Jesus where you at?

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