I Want That Old Thing Back: 7 Obvious Signs That You’re Still Sprung on Your Ex:

- By Bossip Staff

Are you a creature of habit? Most of us are, but are you one when it comes to who you date?

So you just ended a relationship (or stopped talking) with a dude you were feeling but who wasn’t holding up his end of the bargain, and you’re hoping to start anew. But Mr. Five-minutes-ago calls you, or texts your phone. And guess what? You pick up or text him back. Knowing he’s no good for you, you fall right back into the place you were at with ‘ol dude before and find yourself practicing the lies you’re going to tell your friends when find out about your repetitive love life. Be honest, you want that old thing back.

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  • bouyant

    I was sprung on a ex Once, actually we were sprung on each other, we never got over each other, but in a relationship we did not work. All I did was take time out to weigh his bad and good points and with that I got unsprung.

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