Clifford Does Crimestoppers

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Posted by Bossip Staff

T.I. has stepped over to the right side of the law, according to a report by Livesteez.

Rapper T.I. is teaming up with local Atlanta news station WSB-TV in a new camapign to help fight crime in metro Atlanta neighborhoods. T.I., born Clifford Harris Jr., is stepping in front of the camera, as the face of a new public service announcement to encourage others to report tips about crimes through an anonymous hotline. “Hey, what’s happening y’all? Some people call me Tip, but this is about another kind of tip that could help our mothers, our sisters, our brothers and our fathers to help get the perpetrators who commit crimes against them off the streets ” T.I. says in the video. “All you gotta do is call Crimestoppers Atlanta. Tips can be anonymous and there’s even a reward.” The new campaign, Atlanta Crimestoppers, is the brain child of WSB-TV investigative reporter Mark Winne. “I think T.I.’s street cred is as powerful as anybody we could get to do it,” said Winne. “There is no telling how many lives this PSA may save,” Winne added.

Although one has to wonder whether this was his own idea given the fact that he has spent d@mn near two decades actually committing crimes, we can’t even fault T.I. for standing up against crime and urging others to do the same.

More pics of T.I. reaching out to the youth below.

Read the entire Livesteez article here.

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  • Octavia

    Hypocritical, but in a good way. 🙂

    And people who say “1st” as an actual comment are losers. (read- mz. jessica).

  • mz.Jessica

    It is amazing what rappers will do to avoid severe jail time. I bet TI will spend a couple months in jail.

  • mz.Jessica

    Dont Hate Octavia! IM still first. Haha. Naw im joking.

  • Mistah Swirl's Baby

    Shut up OCTAVIA. You wish you were first. I get my daddy to whoop yo’ ass. You dumb-no white girl-foo!

  • Anton Slizzardhands

    Crimestoppers!? What the HEEZY

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  • Octavia

    U still a loser, swirl. 🙂

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  • A-Rab Baby

    didn’t he go on bet and say he was rapper so he wouldn’t be a criminal?

  • ebGCH

    That’s good he’s doing this, especially for the youth.

    Hopefully he’ll make a difference.

  • Octavia

    @ Tru DIva

    Are you serious? God, you life must be awful pitiful if you think anyone is losing sleep over not being the very first to post a comment on a website. Or as you have the audacity to call it “having the top spot.” lol You don’t get out much do you?

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  • roe ski love

    Way to go Tip Harris. It’s about time people know the difference between snitching and doing the right thing. Here is a reminder. Sniching is when you and your boys are doing a caper and one gets caught and tells on the other. Doing the right thing is when you see dem boys doing a crime and an innocent person gets shot, it is now your civic duty to tell what you saw. (it could be someones mom or pop and if it was yours you would want that same thing) So lets all stop this nonsense of who is a snitch and whos not. I grew up in the hood and never have had a problem with the truth. But I still have enough hood in me to straighten out someone who is crooked. I call it being a rightous individual. I will get the popo on your ass if I cant handle it myself, but I will do that only as a last resort.

  • 1TruDiva w/The PlatinumVocals is missing her Lil Sis--IJM!!!!!!!!

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  • Octavia

    @ Tru Diva:

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  • blaq

    @ Kigali

    Back to spit your venom huh? Damn your life must be really miserable, you entertain yourself by insulting and making disparaging comments about Black women, and you are a black woman. Did you lick massa’s boots this morning too?

  • blaq

    T.I. good job. A man can admit when he has made mistakes. A man uses himself as a tool to assist his community. A man uses his influence to encourage positive outcomes in the lives of children. Anyone who finds wrong with someone doing right is a very sad example of a human being.

  • Obama08

    Somebody is tryin to get less time in jail. I don’t get it, why wasn’t he doing all this before he got caught up in that mess he was in. I’m sorry but this dude is a joke!!! My opinion!!

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