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We’re soooo close to football! But this greedy fool is trying to hold it up for cash…

Apparently Vincent Jackson and Logan Mankins are asking for $10 million for their troubles as plaintiffs in the whole lockout deal. Allegedly, that’s the only thing holding us back.

Logan Mankins and Vincent Jackson are still asking for cash compensation and that is one of the holdups over the finalizing of the CBA agreement, a source with knowledge of the situation told me.

Mankins and Jackson are still asking for $10 million each and this is slowing the process, the source explained. Jackson has denied he is seeking compensation.

And just to be clear: Mankins and Jackson are not themselves asking for the money. Lawyers representing them are.

The lawsuit against the NFL cannot be settled until all the plaintiffs agree and as of late Wednesday night, the source said, Mankins and Jackson were still seeking payment. The NFL, thus far, refuses to agree.

My guess: tomorrow, after more criticism, the two men will drop their requests and the CBA will be agreed to by the players and owners.

If Mankins and Jackson continue this course of action they may need to move to an isolated island in the Pacific.

Hopefully they come to their senses an decide that they’re rich enough to not have to keep football away from us so they can earn some extra change.



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