Ho Sit Down: V-Nasty Responds And Drops “Knowledge” On People Mad She’s Using The N-Word [Video]

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Sidenote: Is that the white boy from G’s To Gents? SMH

V-Nasty Responds And Drops “Knowledge” On People Mad She’s Using The N-Word [Video]

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  • StuckInDaMatrix

    Blacks have no one to blame but themselves! Ever since rap has been using the N word, that word has become so ingrained into us. We literally took a demeaning name and turned it into a term of endearment! I dont blame this white girl because nobody put her in check and how can they when that term is endorsed.

  • http://muzillr.com/featured-spot/video-that-lil-white-girl-rapper-v-nasty-now-wants-to-respond-to-the-n-word-coming-out-her-mouth-so-damn-easy/ **VIDEO** That Lil White Girl Rapper V-Nasty Now Wants To Respond To The N Word Coming Out Her Mouth So Damn Easy…


  • chicago

    I’m sure she grew up listening to rap music and said in the privacy of her home just like millions of whites do everyday. I would c a problem with it if we didn’t use the word ourselves, one of the worst things we do as Black people. Shes not calln us the n word. She’s just using it like we do

  • Mzmystic

    Hip hop is officially dead! And I’m not just blaming her cuz other “rappers” such as Guccie Mane, Waka Flaka, etc had a hand in killing her as well. They can barely speak English or form a sentence that makes any type of sense, however, they want to write a rhyme and for me to listen to the crap. Ish is ridiculous.

  • Wearied cutie!!!!

    Definitely cosign@ I ain’t mad at ya! I’m from and live in L.A and that s**t wouldn’t fly with the chicks out here! She can be down wit us and kick it but as soon as that word come out her mouth that’s when the two piece with a side coming for her, at that point she have crossed the line! These white chicks need to stay in their lane! They want to be black but don’t want the struggles that come along with it!

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