Bolitics: President Obama Awaits Republican Response As House Speaker John Boehner Leaves The Negotiating Table

- By Bossip Staff

Anyone taking bets on which gets fixed first the nation debt ceiling of the NFL collective bargaining agreement.

President Barack Obama said Friday night that House Speaker John Boehner was “walking away” from negotiations to raise the nation’s debt ceiling and avert financial catastrophe. Still, Obama said he was expecting congressional leaders from both parties at the White House Saturday morning.

In a dramatic appearance in the White House briefing room Obama said it was up to the Republican leaders to explain to him how they intend to avoid the default that is threatened after Aug. 2.

“I expect them to have an answer in terms of how they intend to get this thing done in the course of the next week. The American people expect action,” Obama said.

Boehner, in a letter circulated to the House Republican rank and file, said he had withdrawn from the talks with Obama because “in the end, we couldn’t connect. He said he would turn instead to negotiations with leaders of the Senate, which is controlled by majority Democrats.

The disconnect in the talks with the White House, Boehner said, was “not because of different personalities, but because of different visions for our country.

The talks had veered uncertainly for weeks, generating reports as late as Thursday that the two sides were possibly closing in on an agreement to cut $3 trillion in spending and add as much as $1 trillion in possible revenue while increasing the government’s borrowing authority of $2.4 trillion.

If we didn’t know any better we’d say that republicans are just doing whatever they can to be in opposition to whatever the POTUS would like to do.


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  • Eyeswideshut

    When will America wake up the rest of the world looks at Americans as the biggest spoiled brats around. We have so much but learn so little from the mistakes that are constantly being repeated.

  • Really

    Is this what.we have come to. John Boehner didn’t answer the Pots called him. I guess he was to busy making deals or waiting for a phone call from the oppress as he mentioned yesterday. Stop tu fukn games. It’ off time. Get to work Washington. That’s what u r there 4. Hettn on my nerves.

  • gina

    They big Pimping getting overtime, free hotels and food! Obama call their MOFO BLUFF….SHUT THIS BISH DOWN! LET WHITE FOLKS GET MAD AND THEY WILL MURK EVERYONE OF THOSE REPUBLICANS THEY SENT TO Washington! Its dont realize that their are other super powers hoping their silly race baiting games divide us! IDIOTS THEY ARE TRYING TO KILL OUR CURRENCY!

  • 9thfloor

    Obama walked out first, last week, and Boehner said the debt ceiling was his problem. Now Boehner walks out and Obama says its Boehner’s problem to address. And so on.

    If I didn’t know better, I’d think the Democrats were trying to take advantage of a crisis to have an excuse to raise taxes on the minority of people (the rich) to support the majority (the non-rich) yet again.

    When an average fiscally sound individual finds himself underwater financially, his first thought isn’t to ask for a credit limit increase from his already maxed out credit cards; instead, its to stop overspending and/or get another job to increase revenue (in the case of the government, cutting spending on bombing Libya and raising revenue from other countries for whom we go on free military adventures would be a good start that wouldn’t require raising anyone’s taxes or cutting anyone’s entitlements, an idea Trump offered but of course it was more important to get sidetracked by allegations of racism than give the policy positions consideration).

  • Recee312

    Funny how this post only has 4 lousy comments! But let it be about somebody being caught up or looking bogus, much to say. Tell you bout our folks, we worry about all the wrong things!

  • reality

    People who read this site do not follow or understand politics. They just blindly support obama for his blackness. Half this site would probably follow him off a cliff if he told them there was a free lunch at the bottom

  • Steelcitychick

    @reality….really?…and what is your response to this post?……The Republicans are holding out on these negoitation for the simple fact of not trying to raise taxes on the wealthy 2% of Americans, because that is what’s gonna need to happen if we want to conrol the debt issue! We have to set a higher debt ceiling and we have to raise taxes on everyone…period! The Republicans are more worried about their special interests then they are about helping our BLACK PRESIDENT find a bipartisan solution for our pending doom!….so please tell me what your view is on this sitiation?!

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