For The Stans: More Behind-The-Scenes “4” Promo Shots And Video

- By Bossip Staff

Because we could never possibly get tired of looking at more photos and promotional videos surrounding the release of her fourth album, we are posting yet more King B shots. We particularly like that a*s in the wind shot Beyonce — feel free to release as many like that as you like!

These photos were captured by Parisian lensman Greg Gex… in Paris of course. How do you guys feel about the greasy, stringy big hair look they went for with this one? If you watch the video below you can tell they worked really hard to capture that.

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  • jbyrd

    No more singing, just modeling for her, alicia hokeys and a host of artists….I miss the 80’s and 90’s…..these artist are trash. Rap, rock, alternative, and r&b has all went down the porcelain white god

  • i blame Nas for beyounces shitty breath

    Damn cafe, I thought I saw an article reporting 4 was double platinum already O_o

  • lazy as shit to work for the devil

    cafe, u sure shes not platinum yet??? Bwahaha I blame nas for her 4flop and shitty breath

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  • Muffy

    Beyonce does look good in her pics. But I must say I’m not a fan of her current music and the media is making me tired of looking at this chick.

  • Cafe

    Negative, she’s not platinum , gold maybe…. All you stand go out and buy more copies of that retarded arse album…

  • La

    I think she luks great!

  • T

    Her album was #1 for 2 weeks in a row & this is her 4th consecutive album. Bey has had so much success that sales dont matter anymore. She came she saw she conquered. She has nothing else 2 prove. Her haters gon hate while she continue 2 make money.

  • GetOut!

    If you don’t worship this woman her fans think you’re jealous and hating. Cmon ppl! This is a woman not God. I respect her but not a fan.

  • radioactive

    She’s not a billionaire. YET. Please stay out of her pockets. She’s not concerned with the wooden nickels in your pockets.

    If her album hadn’t sold as ‘okay’ as it has already, best believe she would be worried MORE than she is now. She’s comepetitve on all fronts and she’s got en empire to write checks and salaries for. I’m sure she cut down on staff. I’m sure her record company suggested she do.

    She should have saved all the behind-the-scenes stuff for the inevitable re-re-deluxe release you know she’ll put out.

    Her bookley art has no theme. Its random pics of her on a rooftop wearing questionable hair and interesting wardrobe pieces. The lighting and photoshop for the final project are basic and subpar and something a first year graphic design student could do in their sleep. Not spectacular. Just basic.

    *enter tumbleweeds upon my exit*

    This thread is so deserted! What a surprise! Not.

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