Whassup 2008

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Posted by Bossip Staff

This is a update commercial of the old, Whassup, crew. Watch the whole thing and see what is really up.

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  • Creole Baby

    i ate grits for breakfast…wuusssssuuuuup!

  • alexandra


  • alexandra

    i dont know… i see what the commercial is targeting….anti-bush.

    i think they could have done a better job, with the commercial……….

  • TooMuchGravy

    Why is there a disclaimer for ‘Bush’ but not for Obama?

  • HollaBack

    Some commercials should be left to their original greatness…. my brothas from Philly, although doing a good thing, look a little tired..

  • Leigh

    Nice ending!

  • 2 wheels and a bucket

    That is not a disclaimer for Bush. It’s a disclaimer for Anhauser-Bush. You know Budweiser and all that other stuff.

  • DA TRUFF!!! The Truth Will Set You Free!!!


    GO OBAMA GO!!!!!!!


  • c

    i thought it was cute but damn i feel old. lol

  • September Chick

    this is an awesome commercial 🙂

  • sashaKayente


  • Book Worm

    nice commercial

  • http://www.myspace.com/akahlf Dr. Heather

    I love it!!!

  • THe BOSS

    i got chilles wahts upppppppppppppp with that.

  • anchord mccain don't care...

    be all you can be…

  • houstonfan

    i like!!

  • MRS

    the original was ok, but I like this one…God please send us a miracle

  • shug

    Loved it! It was funny, and on point about waht’s been going on in the country in the past two Bush terms.

  • http://shebakescheesecakes.com shebakescheesecakes.com

    That commercial was hilarious. Double Loved it.

  • SMS

    It was gud. GO OBAMA!!

  • jrc

    loved it!!! it’s time for change!!!

  • Zina {The original princess}

    They need to advertise this on tv for real.

  • Candid Canuck

    I like this ad. Ironically Anheuser-Bush distribution is run by McCain’s wife..lol

    Obiden ’08!

  • karmic626

    Thats watsup!!

    Yes! we can change the world and although it seems heaven sent

    we ain’t ready, to see a black President

  • Oshie's Weekend Madness

    I like this ad. Ironically Anheuser-Bush distribution is run by McCain’s wife..lol

    Obiden ‘08!


    Cindy McCain’s father, Jim Helmsley, was actually the lead distributor for Anheuser-Bush in Arizona, but you had the right idea.

    Read the article on Cindy McCain in the New Yorker. Actually, read the New Yorker in general. They’ve been putting out some really good and revealing stories about the republican candidates.

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