For Discussion: New Study Shows That Self-Esteem Levels Vary Between Race And Age

- By Bossip Staff

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Although Hispanics tend to have lower self-esteem than blacks or whites in the teen years, by age 30 their self-esteem has increased to the point that they have higher self-esteem than whites, a new study suggests.

And in both adolescence and young adulthood, blacks have higher self-esteem than whites. By age 30, whites trailed both Hispanics and blacks in terms of self-esteem, according to the report published online July 4 in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Researchers at the University of Basel in Switzerland made this finding after analyzing U.S. survey data of more than 7,000 young adults from 1994 to 2008. The participants ranged in age from 14 to 30 years. Over the course of 14 years, the study authors examined how five personality traits (openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism) affected the youth’s self-esteem.

In addition, the researchers also looked at the participants’ sense of life mastery, risk-taking tendencies, gender, ethnicity, health and income.

“We tested for factors that we thought would have an impact on how self-esteem develops,” the study’s lead author, Ruth Yasemin Erol, said in news release from the American Psychological Association. “Understanding the trajectory of self-esteem is important to pinpointing and timing interventions that could improve people’s self-esteem.”

The researchers found that conscientiousness, emotional stability, a feeling of mastery and being extraverted are key to predicting the direction a person’s self-esteem will take as they grow up, and that income did not affect this course. These findings, they pointed out, could assist health professionals in targeting treatments.

We’re honestly surprised that older whites tend to lag in self-esteem in their latter years in comparison to blacks and hispanics.

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  • bouyant

    Am not reading this article, I know for a fact whites of any age have the lowest self esteem.

  • What

    Im white and gauranted I have more self esteem than u as well as id beat the ish outta u. The day I day I lose in a fight is the day everybody [including all black people] admit african americans are better off here than in africa.

  • Queencoca


  • Mich D

    The results don’t totally surprise me self esteem also has a lot to do with your appearance and we all know black don’t crack and whites don’t always age well

  • twoface

    of course whitepeople got lower self esteem they see blackwomen walking with the type of body they have to get injections and surgery to have

  • pat

    Duuh……white people secretly hate themselves

  • Avery H

    The self esteem of African Americans comes from us realizing that we truely are kings and queens. So many people dislike us but everywhere you look we are the most imitate. And no disrespect to the young white woman who made the comment…about admitting to being better off in America than Africa. That is truely incorrect…the reality is whites were better off with us being here…than Africa. As my Bigma would say…whites stole the land from my mother’s people and made my father’s people work it. With out Native Americans and African Americans there would be no America…we are the back bone of this country…exactly why are self esteem is SO HIGH!

  • abcdefg

    Avery h what you said was so well spoken….and makes me ….well hot…
    I can’t help it I’m a dweeb …and I love a black man who can get his point across without downplaying the next person in a mature and educated fashion..
    I’ll be looking for to more posts from u
    Side bar: I agree

    KING Avery

  • Asia

    Well i do believe the way we age has a lot to do with it. Typically as black people get older we start to realize we still look good..well white people generally start falling apart as soon as there mid twenties..@what..your trurly a dummy because if you look at the genome project it explioted the fact that the only immigrants in this country are whites so please save that whole africa sound like you have low self esteem..because only an albino neanderthal like youself would make a comment like that.

  • bouyant

    @what your low self esteem is showing haha

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