Are You Feelin RihRih’s Get Up?

- By Bossip Staff

Here is Rihanna on the streets of NYC this weekend in the heat rockin a flannel shirt and some short shorts.

Are You Feelin This Get Up???

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  • yea!

    Rihoenna not being nominated for an mtv award proves my point once again nobody in the music industry respects her they think she’s one of the worst mainstream artist in musical history and she’s personally 1of the reasons the suc nowadays,there’s is no new artist that wants to model their careers after hers and when asked who they want to work with no one say her hell she can’t even get nominated for a mtv award,u think the grammys r gonna be any different?

  • bossy

    She has a big a** foot.



    Say what you want about the woman’s talent but It’s very evident that she has a following. She’s a fashion icon. I’m not sure what makes her a H_0_e. All women in the music industry sales s_e x. They may not be as vulgar as Rhianna. I’m not a fan of Rhianna but I can’t knock her hustle.

  • ditto

    Ok all rihanna stan roll with is,”she has 10 hits”,”she a fashion icon”.that’s all and 1.the last time I check she is in the music side of the industry not the fashion side so what the hell being a fashion icon got to do with her being a singer?,2.please hits really now that how her r choosing legends huh? gtfoh!didn’t kim kardashian have a hit single?,MJ didn’t have a lot of hit single but he’s still the greatest of all time! Nor did chaka khan,aretha franklin,janet jackson but u know what they are all legends,riri is a hit girl and that’s it and the thing about hit girls there’s all ways someone coming to take that spot just ask donna summers,pat beatner,cynia lauper,jessica simpson and the of the as beens!

  • jk


  • chantals!

    @ImSoChi what do u do for a living? Do u go to school? I see u were quick to say I should raise my kids better so I’m guessing u have kids? And if so what age did u have them? Trust me all these question will prove my point why u support rihanna’s vulgar behavior!

  • ImSoChi

    If u could read u would notice that I did not mention anywhere in my response that u have kids but since u did not notice u only further prove my point that u CANNOT be receiving a credible college education. Anyway I am a hardworking 22 year old who lives on my own supporting myself while heading into my final year in a real college. I don’t have any kids bcuz I chose to make sure that I am in the position to fully support them financially and emotionally when I do. That means I have to make sure that my sh*t is together. Now when I do have children best believe that I will he their example since I was the one who decided to have them NOT some musician who could didn’t go half in on them. Please ladies raise your own kids!

  • chantals!

    Creditable education huh? So say the person who don’t to formulate words the way they were written,1.I didn’t say u have kids I said I’m guessing u have kids bc unlike u I don’t create my own facts about people lives,2. U calm to be receiving credible education in a real college(I never heard of a fake college b4) how r u so stupid to the fact that kids don’t want to be like mommy and daddy or the next president they either wants to be a singer,rapper or an athlete and study and statics show that. And btw if u the parent condone a certain behavior how r kids gonna be different from the rest. so I’ll suggest don’t have kids bc what u uphold is what ur kids what r kids r gonna be subjected to limited to just pure jaded bull crap. Good bye!

  • h


  • wtf

    Lol at these people arguing about rihtard and beyonce they’re already rich!

  • Teezy

    Lmao at the full blown argument! But back to what the story is about. I kinda like the fit, it shows that she can be down to earth!

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