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This is the face of the man responsible for killing all of those innocent people in Norway:

A right-wing zealot who admitted to bomb and gun attacks in Norway that killed 93 people on Friday claims he acted alone, Norway’s police said on Sunday. “He has admitted to the facts of both the bombing and the shooting, although he’s not admitting criminal guilt,” acting police chief Sveinung Sponheim told a news conference about detained suspect Anders Behring Breivik.

“He says that he was alone but the police must verify everything that he said. Some of the witness statements from the island (shootings) have made us unsure of whether there was one or more shooters.” Sponheim said police had no other suspects for the worst massacre committed in Norway since World War Two, in which 97 people were also wounded. Several people also remain missing, which could raise the death toll.

The 32-year-old calls his deeds “atrocious” yet “necessary” and will explain in court, his lawyer said earlier. Meanwhile, a 1,500-page manifesto emerged that carried detailed planning for and direct references to an attack on the summer camp where most of the deaths occurred. Deputy police chief Roger Andresen declined to comment on the possible motive for the killings, but said: “We have no more information than … what has been found on (his) own websites, which is that is goes toward the right (wing) and that it is, so to speak, Christian fundamentalist.”

Breivik, who liked guns and weight-lifting, belonged to an anti-immigration party and opposed multiculturalism, Islam and the “cultural Marxists” of the establishment.




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