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Kim Kardashian threw a soiree at LAX in Vegas last night to celebrate her birthday. Rest assured her boo, Mr. Bush, was there and had his eye on all black males who looked like they might be able to work a camera. Damn, he’s really, really gonna wife this ho. SMH

More pics from last night below:

A couple more when you….

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  • The Bear

    Ummmm hasn’t football season started???

  • The Bear

    and oh yeah slow pokes…



    He a dumb ass lmao!!!!!!!

  • dayg715

    what a dumbass. he’s gonna end up like guy ritchie soon.


    They make a cute couple

  • melanie

    I think they make a nice couple too….all the hating needs to stop.

  • missbrowneyes

    They do make a nice couple..very cute. On a side note what is her sister’s name…she is so damn ugly bless her poor heart.

  • Erin

    Khloe needs to dress more appropriate for her height. She looks like a giant amazon women from Wonder Woman in that outfit. She needs something below the knee of knee length.

  • bay girl

    kim seems to be swinming in her dress. maybe her and khloe need to swap

  • SHA

    Kims lacefront looks nice.

    And Khloe…she looks so out out place.

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    The ladies look like they’re dressed for Halloween already.

  • Jula

    they are NOT a cute couple….no amount of makeup and expensive clothes and disguise what she is, and reggie is an IDIOT!!! LOL….SMH SMH

  • Janelle

    @ Jula

    What has she done?

    @ everybody in this forum


  • danbu

    They are making an adorable couple though the guy ever joined the free uniformed dating site ~~~ U n i f o r m e d k i s s DOTC o m ~~~a few weeks ago..but all are past and they will stay together forever!

  • MRS

    I didn’t realize how attractive he was until I saw him a couple of week ago playing football…

  • WTH

    They all look like a bunch of misfits…And Reggie better get himself together because his time in the NFL is going to be up…He STAYS injured…And instead of him being back home in N.O. rehabilitating to hurry up and get back on the field, he’s way in Vegas partying…SMH

  • LdyK

    Hoes always seem to finish first.

  • rebecca

    OMG she does look like amerie i been sayin that for the longest

  • Whispers

    ^5 Janelle!! Folk act like they have some personal stake in who Reggie dates/wifes. They don’t get all worked up with Sean and Heidi. Or Halle for that matter. They don’t like that so many black men find Kim attractive. She’s a pretty girl. I can’t even hate on her. They scrutinize whether or not she has implants in her ass and whatnot. It’s so pathetic. Reggie loves her and she loves him and last time I checked, neither one of them owes anyone an explanation about their relationship.

  • kaleidoscope DOPE

    why everybody be hating on KIM K? damn….what did she ever do to yall?

  • Fiyah!!


  • WTH

    I heard she slept with MJ’s dad too while going out with Tito…SMH


    Baby hair? Why is that hair down in the front like JLo? lol It’s horrible when she does it, Kim, so it’s no different for you. That goes for Trina too! She looks pretty witchy here…blah..nothing exciting. I would say she looks like a tranny, but who doesn’t? Her sister (the big one) really needs to give up the quest to be hot. It won’t work. She should find herself an insecure myopic black man with a penchant for satin short sets and leather visors and call it a day. Oh, I forgot – and carmex. She looks like she smells like the stuff anyway, like karmex and burnt hair. And the other sister looks like she smells like raw biscuits and used grease…she soooo looks like Miss Cita the BET caricature.

  • yeah i said it (GO COWBOYS we got the help we needed....SUPER BOWL BOUND)

    they look really good 2gether

  • SM

    Reggis ass just had knee surgery this week & he’s in Vegas partying!!! He couldn’t fly to London to support his team BUT he can go to Vegas!!!


    No wonder his mom hates her!

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