Another Day, Another Creepy Congressman… Oregon Rep. David Wu Allegedly Forced Himself On Donor’s Daughter

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“Tony the Tiger” here doesn’t know how to keep his paws to himself!

An Oregon congressman whose bizarre behavior last fall nearly cost him his job is again facing calls to resign over allegations that he forced an “unwanted sexual encounter” on the daughter of a friend/ campaign donor.

Rep. David Wu (D-Org.) was urged to step down during phone calls with senior party leaders, sources told The Oregonian newspaper, which first reported the sex scandal.

One of the calls came from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), though it wasn’t clear if the former House Speaker told Wu to quit, according to the Associated Press.

The calls came after The Oregonian reported on Friday that Wu, 56, was involved in an aggressive “unwanted sexual encounter” with the woman in California during a visit over Thanksgiving.

Wu’s staff found out about the incident in May when the woman left a panicked voicemail at his office in Portland and accused him of pushing sex on her, The Oregonian said.

Wu, who separated from his wife in 2009, admitted to the encounter to his staff but said it was consensual, sources said.

The woman’s name wasn’t reported, but she graduated from high school in 2010 and her dad was a pal of Hu’s and longtime donor, the newspaper reported.

Wu’s camp has stayed mum about the allegations except for a brief statement released Friday after the report hit newsstands.

“This is very serious, and I have absolutely no desire to bring unwanted publicity, attention or stress to a young woman and her family,” Wu said.

Party members and critics in Oregon, where two opponents have stepped up to challenge Wu in next year’s Democratic primary, called for answers.

“David owes the citizens he represents a detailed explanation,” said State Rep. Brad Witt, who is running against Wu next spring.

“If this accusation proves to be true, it’s time for David Wu to resign and get the help he needs.”

Another challenger, state Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian, said Wu should resign.

“I think any 56-year-old man, especially a 56-year-old Congressman, that asserts himself like this on an 18-year-old girl, has got no business serving in Congress,” Avakian said on Saturday.

Rep. Mitch Greenlick, a Portland Democrat who lives in Wu’s district and has endorsed Avakian, predicted that the congressman was cooked.

“He might as well save himself the trouble and resign,” Greenlick told The Oregonian. “He’s dead meat.”

The sex scandal is the latest to rock the seven-term congressman, who became the first Chinese American to serve in the House in 1998.

In February, Wu nearly lost his job after his staff complained about bizarre behavior during his reelection campaign in the fall.

Photos surfaced of Wu looking red-faced and deranged while wearing a fuzzy orange tiger costume and staffers said they received rambling emails that appeared to be written by Wu’s children but were actually written by him.

Wu also admitted that he had taken painkillers that were given to him by a donor, which he claimed were for neck pain.

The lawmaker apologized for the erratic behavior, saying it was caused by stress from the split with is wife and that he was “in a better place” after seeking counseling.

The latest scandal also isn’t Wu’s first brush with allegations of horndoggery.

During a reelection bid in 2004, Wu admitted that he tried to force an old girlfriend to have sex while he was a student at Stanford.

His opponent hammered away on the issue but the tactic backfired — voters felt the opponent was being a heel — and Wu ended up winning in a landslide.

SMH… This old a*s dude was trying to get it in with a damn teenager! He ought to be ashamed. And to think, this guy was the first Chinese-American man elected to Congress. What a great role model.


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