What Were You Thinking?? Nurse Assistant Fired For Posting Pic Of 51-Year-Old Patient’s Buttocks On Facebook

- By Bossip Staff

First of all, this broad is gross for taking the photo, let alone having the nerve to post that joint up on her Facebook page:

A certified nursing assistant faces a voyeurism charge and was fired from her job after she posted a photo of a patient on Facebook, authorities said. Taia Armstrong, 30, was a certified nursing assistant at Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation in Greenfield.

Investigators for the Indiana Attorney General’s Office said Armstrong took a picture of a paraplegic 51-year-old male patient’s buttocks after he had a bowel movement and posted the photo on Facebook in May. Armstrong was quoted in court documents as saying to her co-worker, “This is too funny. I need to take a picture of this.”
The co-worker told investigators she asked Armstrong not to take the picture. Armstrong’s co-worker said the picture was later posted on Armstrong’s Facebook wall.

The co-worker then went to her supervisor to report the incident, authorities said. Armstrong was being held Thursday in the Hancock County Jail.

That’s disgusting, but her co-worker didn’t have to snitch her out like that. SMH.


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  • Asia

    That b*tch needed to b fired and put in jail. There’s nothing funny about someone being helpless and sick. Smdh.

  • Yes she should have!!..

    Yes her co-worker should have told on her dumb a**, that man was a paraplegic and had NO say in the matter.. He couldn’t say… Hey, I would rather you not take a picture of my behind and bowel movement for the sick enjoyment of you and your Facebook friends!.. What type of person would think that was funny anyway?..

  • m

    There are some sick people in the world. What was so amusing about a bowel movement? This patient can not care for himself and is expecting people to give him proper care and protect his privacy. She’s an idiot for that. And anybody who thought it was cute is an idiot too. Hopefully she will never work in the healthcare field again. Good for the coworkers who told on her. Good to know some people are decent and respect their patients

  • gina

    She looks twisted and mentally distrubed! Her actions were cowardly, cruel and a abuse of power…..now get out the rule book and apply the punishment!

  • Glamazon

    How could she think a bowel movement would be funny? What is she……5???

  • Steelcitychick

    How the hell do can a person demean another (helpless) human in such a horrible manner, and still call themselves human? This woman needs to be fined and jailed for her selfish stupidity!…smdh!
    And bravo for the coworker who turned her stank azz in. I mean honestly, just imagine if she did that to you or your family member!

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