Gone Too Soon: Stars We Lost Before The Age Of 30

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The recent Amy Winehouse tragedy has caused many to look at stars that died at 27, but unfortunately there’s a longer list of stars that died before they saw their 30th birthdays. Hold up a candle and let’s take a trip down the path of souls we lost too soon.

Amy Winehouse – Let’s start with the most recent. Amy’s death at 27 was so tragic because everyone saw it coming. She just couldn’t seem to get the help she needed in time. Too, too bad.

Big L – There was a time when Big L was on his way to being a household name like Jay-Z, but he was killed at the young age of 24 back in 1999. He was definitely on his way to greatness, though.

Tupac – He narrowly dodged the curse of the 27-year-old, but unfortunately he dodged it on the wrong side of the age, perishing before seeing 27. Still, his legacy as a rap pioneer and activist lives on more than a decade after he passed.

Notorious B.I.G. – Biggie Smalls is still largely recognized as the greatest rapper of all time. He’d be one of the biggest names in all of entertainment if here were still here. He did pretty well for himself during his time here, though.

Aaliyah – One of the biggest tragedies anyone older than 18 can remember. She was gone way too young and died in a plane crash of all things. She was only 22! That’s too, too young.

Heath Ledger – He died right when he was going to be the biggest star in Hollywood. Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker was one of the great movie performances of all time, but he wasn’t around to see himself in the movie.

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    Selena – She had a movie based on her life and touched so many lives that it’s easy to forget that she was only 24 when she died. Talk about leaving a legacy. She was so important that the movie of her life sparked J. Lo’s career. Talk about influence.

    Jimmy Hendrix – Of course there’s Jimmy, who is the most infamous member of the 27 club. His name has been all around since Amy’s death. At least it reminds people of his greatness.

    Frankie Lymon – Did you see “Why Do Fools Fall In Love” about Frankie and all the women that swooned over him? Well they did because he was the first teen heartthrob we’ve seen. But the party life caught up to him as he died of a heroin overdose at the tender age of 25.

    Otis Redding – His name is all over these days thanks to a well-placed sample from Kanye West and Jay-Z’s newest song. But people forget that he died at the age of 26 in a brutal, freak plane crash.

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    • yea!

      Ok I love aaliyah with all my ❤ I really do but for people to say if she was still alive beyonce wouldn't exit,well if I can remember destiny's child was around the same time as aaliyah,I remember aaliyah praising beyonce on trl back in the day and beyonce interviewing aaliyah at the mtv awards,point is beyonce is mega talented and so was aaliyah no one can replaced aaliyah bc that's aaliyah but let's be honest here beyonce has been much more talented aaliyah vocally & dancing!

    • http://spettas1@yahoo.com U above me!

      Shut Up!!!!

    • http://gravatar.com/m45p8c3 m45p8c3

      What about Left- Eye ?

    • Love Life!

      What about Left- Eye ?

    • Mrs. Moore

      Miss u Aaliyah

      Aaliyah # 1 fan

    • http://google pink cutie

      it’s still sad after all these years to know that Aaliyah is gone. She was my favorite singer ever I still can remember the day that she got killed I cried all that day. Liyah we miss u 😦

    • Mzmystic

      One I think left eye was over the age of 30 when she died. I think ppl forget how old tlc really is and how long they have been around. And two for someone to talk about how beyonce is better vocally and dancing than Aaliyah is making an unfair comparison. Being as though Aaliyah died so young, who to say where she would be now and how much she would have grown. When destiny child first came out beyonce was far from the talent she is now. It took time and growth for her to become the performer she is now and Aaliyah didn’t get the chance to grow.

    • Cici & Coco -The Besties

      I doubt Aaliyah would have been upstaged by beyonce cause first of all, Aaliyah was not a pop artist. How can u compare em if they’re two diff genres?? Aaliyah was straight laid back her music was smooth jazzy & Aaliyah had swag! Beyonce does not have the cool personality nor swag. Lol i love love love babygirl! Love Biggie too!! Tupac also

    • POET

      This list could have been much longer. Merlin Santana, Dolla, and recently M. Bone to name a few. It’s always sad when we lose people so young. All of them had chances to be even greater. But for them time stood still.

    • Cici & Coco -The Besties

      Yes yes cosign with mzmystic. Shutup to the two bloggers up front. Talking like u know something. This post is for the great where the hell did u get beyonce from?? She’s still alive.

    • Bmoore

      Beyonce doesn’t sing better than Aaliyah nor is she a better actress!

    • Floridagal

      Amy, Heath, and all the other druggies shouldn’t even be on this list, their death were their own fault. Let’s not praise suicidal ppl. Ijs

    • http://gravatar.com/muscledude muscledude

      Amy, Heath, and all the other druggies shouldn’t even be on this list, their death were their own fault. They are the reasons why they are gone to soon. Let’s not praise suicidal ppl. Ijs

    • Me

      Amy, Heath, and all the other druggies shouldn’t even be on this list, their death were their own fault. They are the reasons why they are gone to soon. Let’s not praise suicidal ppl. Ijs

    • Mzmystic

      I guess we now know that floridagal, mucledude, and me is all the same person smh

    • http://www.people.com raeday

      rip liyah reppin tha D. Gone too soon. Also static major.

    • Double

      R.I.P Big Punisher and left eye.

    • kris

      Whoever said Beyonce is a better dancer than Aaliyah needs to slapped upside their head cause something is loose in there. Beyonce has her beat in vocals, no doubt, but dancing?! You must be on somethin. Beyonce isn’t even on the same level of skill as Aaliyah, not even a little bit close.

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