Close Your Eyes and Make a Wish

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T-Pain must have been wishing for big things:

Apple and Hyundai recently teamed up to create a car called The Digital Genesis, with T-Pain in mind. According to, the new car will be unveiled at events across the country, and will feature music from Pain’s upcoming album, Thr33 Ringz. Early reports include that the vehicle will come equipped with three computers (two Mac minis and a Macbook Air) as well as an iPod Touch, iPhone and two wireless keyboards that slide out of the rear of the front seats. The starting price for the Genesis is around $30,000. Apple and Hyundai are expected to formally announce the launch of the new Genesis at an event later this fall, in which people who attend the event will receive Apple download cards — to download tracks from T-Pain and artists on his Nappy Boy digital label.

Unbelievable. Out of all the artists in Hip-Hop, T-Pain is the person they picked as a poster-boy for a major initiative like this? Maybe he isn’t the dancing clown he makes himself out to be, after all.


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    Congrats T-Pain…Make that money


    1st !!!!!!

  • The Bear

    Oppurtunities for blacks is about to explode and I don’t think Obama will be the only Black President in the next 30 years.

  • oneluvlib4life

    dat is goin to be one fly ass car, cani wait!

  • Razzell Dazzell

    Are you serious? Thing is now working with top companies? I can only imagine the final design. Geez, I’m in the wrong business. Thing scares me, maybe its those ropes out of his head, or perhaps the yellow in his teeth, I don’t know, Thing is is a midget with a belly, and don’t even know what he’s saying, singing, or whatever he does half the time. More power to him.

  • MRS

    Good for him

  • danbu

    He did his time. He didn’t make a big issue out of it. My friends on__((((uniformedkiss DOTCOM))))__ love him very much. It is a niche uniformed dating service

  • *MiSsUnd3rsto0d*

    lemme find out t pain bout 2 b makin even more big buckz..soundz like a hott happy 4 him, no matta wha ppl say hes gettn that $$..and jus got a nice check from BET lol he did good on the awards..i fux wit tpain..;-)

  • lady26

    Man this is a good look i know all the hatters are coming out but I dont own a T-Pain album however; I think anyone in the black community that is doing something good is a great look. Make that money and keep it moving. It could have went to any other artist but he got it so play on playa dont hate the game. I love to see blacks do well so all the hatters need to keep quite.

  • noelle

    I wont touch it. too high-tech

  • memchee

    good for t-pain. The commercials ought to be interesting.

  • And.....(with 5 dots)

    Woooowww! So THAT’S what he looks like after he has taken a bath. Now he needs a little exfoliatant and he’s good to go. Im shocked!

  • kwa

    what other celebrity would be seen next to a Hyundai?

    It makes sense that they chose T-Pain. The Hyundai Genesis is a “luxury” car that’s up and coming, and whether u hate it or love it it’s probly gon be around for a while. Same thing with T-Pain’s career…

  • anchord mccain don't care...

    what’s next nappy boi movies?

  • Southerntech

    Wow out of all the artists they could’ve chosen they went with T-Pain, sad.

  • Miss Dee

    Do your thing T-Pain!

  • Miss Dee

    Oh yeah, T-Pain did a good job hosting the BET awards…

    And that Genesis is nice… I don’t know if I would pay $30K for a Hyundai but it’s nice!

  • jonjon23

    That is too expensive for a Hyundai. I’m sure that it will be a fuel efficient car which is what the auto industry is leaning towards. I will have to see the car…

  • Oshie's Weekend Madness

    I’m tired of him AND his haberdashery hats. Booo.

  • Jewelz

    He looks like Wyclef in that pic

  • Dr. Wnikie

    Lol, i see all the ladies giving vibes that they want T-Pain now.

    Miss Dee u hot

  • Dr. Winkie

    Lol, i see all the ladies giving vibes that they want T-Pain now.

    Miss Dee u hot.

  • http://google extacy

    bissop im down with the sight and all but yall do be acting like some haters everybody thats on top yall have something negative to say about them. t pain is hot and everybody knows it i bet 5 songs you like this year and last year had him on it, as much as you hate him u have to admit he hot and yall always do comment that dark skinned people like they ugly yall brainwashed by america too yall aint no diffrent

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