“Can I Touch It” The Fascination With White Folks Touching Our Hair! [Video]

- By Bossip Staff
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“Can I Touch It” The Fascination With White Folks Touching Our Hair! [Video]

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  • Hung li

    They touch it like wtf? Trust me they dont want it. Blacl people got the nastiest hair on the face of this planet. We used to laugh at the black kids in china. Wtf is their hair like that?

  • gina

    Digging in my nose…..Yes! Of course you can touch it….. but you have to let me touch the white part of your eyeball first 🙂

  • Nicole

    Hung li. This is a black website If you dislike black people so much then why are you on here?

  • Asia

    @gina bwhahahaha….hung li dont your men have cheese doodles..ewww no man on the face of this planet would ever want to be cut short like you guys have been.

  • Christie_love

    @Hung Li: Take your funky garlic smelling breath somewhere else,you have no room to try to make fun of nobody chink man!

  • jbyrd

    Well this goes to show you how versatile we are….why do we as black people understand what others refuse to understand or accept what others cultures won’t? We are we always leaders against injustice but cultures such as cubans…rather put a lighter more white/spaniard face when they were in fact black? Why do some asians love our culture and style but hate our skin complexion? Why do black people allow those who are jealous of our resistance and persistence want to even mesh or marry recessive genes….our hair is soft like cotton, curly and wavy…we are light, red, brown, and dark…..beautiful and unique like non-other….every other race can find a resemblence but we set the bar and stand out….

  • Pretty black kat

    So sad racism is still and issue, we all are here temporarily. Just better love ourselves, and work toward getting to the other side to live eternally at peace. Hate and hatemongers will not make it!!

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