Way Too Soon: Keri Hilson Tweets An Amy Winehouse Joke No One Found Funny And The Fans Go In!

- By Bossip Staff

Dayum! Why are Keri Hilson’s fails always so monumental?!

Last night she tweeted this photo of herself and a fan with the following caption.

The pic was immediately retweeted by over 100 people… none of whom found Keri’s joke funny. And they made sure to let her know they weren’t feeling her.

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  • Pookie

    Lol I see where Keri’s coming from but this girl’s such on her high horse, people ready to bring her down.

    But yeah its waaaayyy too soon Keri, she only been dead 3 or 4 days.


  • shayne

    I see nothing wrong with what she said..the girl clearly did look like her….people hate on her for no reason…i wanna know where all these Amy Winehouse stans were when she needed positive support..now all of a sudden they are so offended..Keri keep doing u…

  • http://trapjuice.com/2011/07/26/0726-keri-hilson-under-fire-for-making-jokes-about-amy-winehouse-death-pics-inside/ 07/26.KERI HILSON UNDER FIRE FOR MAKING JOKES ABOUT AMY WINEHOUSE DEATH (PICS INSIDE) « Trapjuice.com

    […] course, Keri responded to the backlash with a little play-play celebrity “I don’t really think I did anything wrong” […]

  • WiseOne

    It’s amazing people laughed at Amy and taunted her while she was alive now these same people are suddenly sensitive and mourning her death GTFOH! Her death is most defineyely tragic and im so sorry for the family n friends she leaves behind! Kerri meant no harm the girl did really resemble Amy Winehouse though! IJS!

  • WiseOne


  • Bbeautifull

    I dont think she meant any harm however it iz too soon.. N bein az though keri haz nothin on amy talent wize, she haz the nerve to say anything other than RIP..

  • m

    I think she should have worded in another way. Or simply not mention Amy at all. The way She said it was in bad taste. But she does resemble her.

  • http://slkcarmel@yahoo.com well i be damned

    I love how the black men defended the crack headed white chick. Where was the support when Amy was alive. People ridiculed her real. Bad then. RIP Amy

  • http://www.askkissy.com/2011/07/26/keri-hilson-roasted-on-twitter-over-amy-winehouse-resurrection-photo/ Keri Hilson Roasted on Twitter over Amy Winehouse Resurrection Photo | AsK Kissy

    […] source […]

  • G Howe Black

    Keri Hilson just officially ended her career

  • MogulMedia

    Everybody wanna bash Keri but everybody bashed Amy for who she was and what she did. Her death is unfortunate but the chick really does look like her….

  • Muffy

    I really didn’t listen to amy whinehouse much but I do know she had a great voice. As for keri I don’t too much care for her. Her music makes me cringe. Especially that stupid pretty girl rock song. It irks me to know end when she says “miss keri baby.” Be original. I will give her props for being pretty and fashionable, thats it. Needless to say I enjoyed reading thr tweets of ppl going in on her.

  • lavish.

    Keri’s tweets were definitely in bad taste. If she wished to point out the striking resemblence, she should have said just that. But to say that Amy was resurrected from death to party with her? It wasn’t funny nor was it appropriate. Sorry to say, but whatever backlash she receives, she deserves.

  • Kmiraj

    She does look like her but the caption is so tasteless!!!

  • Cici & CoCo -The Besties

    Let me just say i was one of the few that never said anythin bad about amy cause i have & still listen to her music i def am a fan. This reminds me of MJ when he died everybody wanted to celebrate him.. I dont get that.. For keri to pull somethin like that shows she needs attention. Point blank never mock the dead. Very distasteful & thoughtless cmon how u didnt see the backlash comin keri? Smh do u…

  • yeah. ..right

    Keri is so lame hang it up flat screen

  • Rebecca

    This is exactly what happened with Mj he was Love they made fun of and critizized him now he’s dead and the won’t let him rest in peace

  • Rebecca

    For re though you fake Amy fans just need to calm down

  • Muffy

    Just because ppl are telling keri her tweet was distasteful doesn’t mean their hopping on an amy whinehouse bandwagon now that shes dead. It was a stupid statement point blank. And so what if ppl are fans after her death.

  • gina

    I get it Keri. Apologize and be cool. You gotta know by now people looking are for reasons to hate “pretty girls” a ugly fat brash chick can started a career with a twisted joke.

  • Kutta MoFo

    In the words of Ed Lover: C’mon son.

  • grayonce

    The ones saying where were these ppl when Amy was alive n in bad shape? Still there..fans r fans only because you didn’t see them praising/supporting Amy on black blogs (the only ones u guys are probably aware of) doesn’t mean they weren’t doing it on ‘other’ sites. Anyway; you should have common sense to ALWAYS respect the dead. Regardless of their negative past. Even If you were one that Shook your head when she was facked up, respect her. Cuz yall n*ggas going 2 hell while she’s in heaven..

  • jtheizz

    this was a stunt to get some shine…….NEXT

  • Don't know

    She looks just like Amy. I thought it was Amy. And no matter if we’re fans or not right is right and wrong is wrong. Keri should know better. She wouldn’t have wanted noone saying that about her when she’s gone. Imagine how Amy patents feel. Bad publicity stunt Keri very bad. Better hope Weezy will get on another track with you or else your career is DONE!!!

  • prico

    Yall shud jus stfu nd stop hatin on keri you ugly pipo wat she tweeted was funny nd if u don’t lik it luk away.rememba all keri hilson haters wud go 2 hell seriously.

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