True Or False: Was Mya Caught Doing The Walk Of Shame After Getting It In With A Yardie?

- By Bossip Staff

Mya was in Jamaica for Sumfest last weekend and according to BOSSIP sources the singer got a taste of a likkle sumthin’ sumthin’ young and tender while she was there:

“I saw Mya at my hotel with this tall young young man,” the source tells BOSSIP. “On Saturday after the press junket I saw them frolicking in her tent.”

The young man asked our source to take a photo of them, which we’ve included above. According to the source, the young man is a 21-year-old college football player named Shane, who was at Sumfest filming Jah Cure.

Apparently all that frolicking wasn’t enough for Miss Mya, because she was spotted making that early morning walk from the young athlete’s room the next morning.

“His room was across from mine at the Hilton, I saw her leaving his room early Sunday morning.”

SMH at poor Mya not being able to get her groove on in another country! Shame on folks trying to mess up her “good reputation.”

Do you believe it? Or is this guy just trying to help his boy look good???

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  • Kitty

    Mya is a very pretty woman! She does not have to worry about getting sum! Hell she looks like she’s in her early twenties herself! Work it Mya!

  • prettynana43

    Go Mya!Sh!t she is a grown woman,Get your groove on,N ppl stop spyin on Others! Get a life!

  • Sista, Esq.

    I’m baffled by why this would be entitled the “walk of shame” if you’re a woman??? What’s shameful about getting your groove on and enjoying yourself with another consenting adult??

    I wish the world would get rid of these ridiculous old-fashioned notions!!

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