The Frantic 911 Call

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

This is the woman that Lyfe was after that night he got popped for kicking in the door waving the 40. cal, on a 911 call with One-Time.

Click the link to hear Lyfe’s girl wailing.

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  • Hannibal

  • LaLaLaLovely...Soon2B"mRs"... JaMal Put A Ring On It And I Didn't Even Have To Wait As Long As Beyonce... How Bout It!

    DAMN Lyfe!!! Your case isn’t lookin too GOOOOOOD!!!!

  • Creole Baby

    my oh my chester — my oh my

  • lisa

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  • lol

    Lyfes girl is trippin…He should have just beat the new dudes ass, and not have took the gun

  • lol

    He looks like they whooped his ass though.

  • lol

    He is probably going to sue from the way his dumb ass is looking…smbh

  • Betty B

    she didnt sound that distressed. Even the coolest calmest guys can act reckless

  • lisalisa

    He’s an idiot and I would have reacted the same way.

  • Granny "B"

    To Moor: LMAO. Right! I’m witcha all the way on that one girlfriend.

    To Impy: Moor said, “then want to look all helpless when a nigga starts wilin’.” Let me help you out! She didn’t mean whailing! We all know that meaning crying/acting out! She meant just what she said “WILIN'”! Maybe you’re used to seeing it as “wildn'” like on Wildn’ Out Wednesdays or something. Get your shit together before you try to help somebody out next time.
    To Janae’: It doesn’t matter what it seems like to you, and how do you know he’s a nut? Do you know him personally? I think not.

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