Who Cares About Talent?? Rihanna Sizzles In New Glamour Magazine Spread

- By Bossip Staff

Say what you want about Rihanna and her skills as a singer, but this broad sure knows how pose for a magazine spread. Here’s her new shoot for Glamour Magazine’s September 2011 issue.

Flip the pages to have a gander at the loveliness…

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  • yea!

    I applauded this girl she manage to convince the “special” people she has talent! Good for her!

  • Lisa

    Get it Ri this girl is working hard. I love it.

  • yea!

    Lol tyro to the fullest I meant *talentless.

  • Me

    I always thought she’d make a gorgeous model but singing….uhh not so much!

  • ImSoChi

    Jay z is somewhere jacking off to this 🙂

  • Zayn

    No she has talents, they’re just not music related 😉

  • joe cool

    Her singing TALENT gets her more money than you hourly wage earning haters. Black on black hate is as old as America.


    Love RiRi. Great talent and great beauty. Cant wait to get my copy of this Glamour.

  • Nicee

    I love RiRi she is such an inspiration…….to come outta da caribbean and to always do it this big………she is amazing…..go NAVY

  • yeah ........but. ..no

    Rhianna has a horrible voice.but she is gorgeous . Oh the power of auto tune

  • Q

    She aite 4 a skinny chick. Jay prolly jackin 2 his wife pics. B & halle got the best bodies in the game. Rihanna aint got no body. Too skinny.

  • Q

    Y she aint got no azz or tittiies tho? No curves or nothin. I see betta chicks walkin down the street.

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  • Steelcitychick

    Yeah, her singing ability leaves alot to be desired, but she’s beautiful!….Get it Girl!

  • devotee86

    Ummm rihanna may be pretty but her attitude is horrible..I saw her once and she was treating her fans like garbage..rolling her eyes and fake smiling.laughing at her fans with her two friends in the back when they walked away..lil girl aint shit..

  • prettynana43

    Rihanna is absolutely stunning! BUT THAT GAL IS WICKED ME a TELLYA!(N my jamaican voice)!

  • King Beef

    Do you Rih.

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