Ho Sit Down: Aubrey O’Day and Kanye?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Danity Kane’s ex-resident ho, Aubrey, appears to be working hard to stay relevant by any means necessary:

Sources say highly talented Kanye West was sucking face with bimbonic pop tart Aubrey O’Day . We’re told the duo were recently at 1Oak making out. “Either they actually kissed, or Aubrey was just telling people they kissed,” said our source. The buxom “Hairspray” star made headlines recently when she was kicked out of her MTV band, Danity Kane, and then romantically linked to Donnie Wahlberg. Reps on both sides had no comment.

While it’s easy to believe that Ho-Aubrey, would bend over backwards (quite literally) for even a sliver of celebrity, this sounds like a publicity stunt. Wasn’t Yeezy just allegedly bussin slob with Rihanna? Anyone remember what Kanye did the last time he had an album out?


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  • yeah i said it (GO COWBOYS we got the help we needed....SUPER BOWL BOUND)

  • yeah i said it (GO COWBOYS we got the help we needed....SUPER BOWL BOUND)

    first dickheads

  • Corree


  • Stion

    Top 5

  • BE

    Kanye, please stay away from her…she must have the cooties by now!! eeeeeewwww just a nasty so and so

  • Black To Tha Bone AKA The Swirl King

    While William Balfour has today lowered the bar for all my Chi-town brothas with his ghetto blob mama “wife”, Kanye just restored full balance to the picture.

    I give him major props as I do Diddy for achieving union with the lovely Aubrey though am slightly sad it is not I in their place though I remain hopeful of it happening given the opportunity.

    Also I hope the Donnie Wahlberg thing is only a rumor as she should be the sole recepticle of black males.

  • Janelle

    Ye love a blonde hoe any day of the week, thats all.

  • Tori

    I don’t beleive that until I see it. Aubrey looks terrible in that outfit.

  • Tay

    I don’t think Kanye would touch Aubrey with a ten foot pole. I don’t mean to dis her but she seems very nasty.

  • kanye's wife

    My husband knows better is not thinking about that tired ass chick!

    Ho sit ya tired ass down and work on a basketball player or something! You will have better luck with them im sure!!!

  • dayg715

    he’s trying to prove that he’s not gay.

  • bob

    He had quality profile at free military dating club ‘uniformed kiss . c om ‘ where love is color blind? This is the reason why armymen and armywomen love this site very much!!!!

  • makayla

    People are too hard on Aubrey! She’s a celebrity! Most celebrities have multiple partners. And Kanye, he just likes sex. Ya’ll all know that!

  • yeah i said it (GO COWBOYS we got the help we needed....SUPER BOWL BOUND)

    @ nicole

    kanye don’t need to talk to aubrey 2 get publicity, it’s the other way around

  • Anton Slizzardhands

    Two Werds: Disrepsectful Hoez

    Ya Dig

  • Bri

    Donnie Wahlberg is too good for her lol

  • c love

    does anybody notice how fat aubrey has gotten is she pregnant

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