Ho Sit Down: Black GOP Candidate Herman Cain Apologizes For Muslim Remarks

- By Bossip Staff

Remember when Herman Cain was talking all that yang about Muslims trying to sneak in Shariah law?? Well now he’s sorry he even opened his big mouth:

Republican Herman Cain is apologizing to Muslim leaders for vitriolic remarks he made about Islam while campaigning for the presidential nomination.
The former Godfather’s Pizza CEO has said communities have a right to ban Islamic mosques because Muslims are trying to inject sharia law into the U.S. He’s also said he would not want a Muslim bent on killing Americans in his administration.

On Wednesday, Cain met with four Muslim leaders in Stirling, Va. He said in a statement later he was “truly sorry” for comments that may have “betrayed” his commitment to the Constitution and the religious freedom it guarantees.

He also acknowledged that Muslims, “like all Americans,” have the right to practice freely their faith and that most Muslim Americans are peaceful and patriotic. Earlier, Cain had said his view doesn’t amount to religious discrimination because he says Muslims are trying to inject Shariah law into the U.S.

Shariah is a set of core principles that most Muslims recognize and a series of rulings from religious scholars. It covers many areas of life and different sects have different versions and interpretations of the code.

Asked if his view could lead any community to stand up in opposition to a proposed mosque, Cain replied, “They could say that.” He pointed to opposition to the planned mosque in Murfreesboro, Tenn., as an example.

Thoughts on this guy??


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  • AmazinAtheist

    There is no difference between this guy and a muslim extremist. If this guy were to be voted in, I’m sure he would try to implement his own form of “shariah” law with a christian twist to it. The republicans already have a war against the people of the United States. Let them have their way, we are going to be no different from Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. They are using the shield of “religious faith” to take away your rights. People are more concerned about their faith rather than their qualifications. Look at what they are doing to education. Wake up people. It’s 2011, time for progress. They are taking us back to the dark ages.

  • Lia

    AmazinAthiest, I’m definitely not an atheist but I agree with your comment!

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