You Knew It Was Coming: Single Man & “Single Ladies”

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Some of you stans are really unstable people and evidently unemployed. That being said, this ‘lord has that choreography down pat. How many of you can twerk it like ol’ PopLock&Drop in this video?

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  • Mimi


  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    Lol! Ya’ll know he was gettin’ it!

  • No Saltines Please

    Ol’boy was doing it better than your girl B! SMH

  • Divab510

    I saw this like 2 weeks ago..

    That man was workin it! I aint mad at him!

  • finally17nluvinit

    lol,he did that… sriously,he need some meat…

  • finally17nluvinit

    in how many states is he “allowed2 put a ring on it” ?????????

  • leave it be..(i finally got some jelly beans) enjoying her Harvest bar

    the descrption alone is hilarious :))

  • serene


  • muchluv

    He looks like a professional dancer. He workin’ it!

  • 1lick7kisses

    OMG that guy hs more moves that me! Fruity!

  • LMJ

    He gay as hell, but he was workin it!!!!

  • Creole Baby Don't Wear Ree-bok He Wear N-ike

    this white boy just made me throw up my breakfast

  • gwanat36

    Say what u like but Ms. Thing was popping nonstop!! Yea somebody should have “put a ring on it for him”. SMH but….very impressed!!!

  • LDYMS78


  • dayg715

    see, when only queens and drag queens are your fans, that means you’re going to FLOP.

  • Texas Chick

    Hell nawl, why am I jealous?

    You all need to check out Sissy Nobby on You.Tube too, he is twerking it!


    I can’t even hate on ole boy. He was workin it. He shoulda been in the damn video. Very impressed.

  • L-NaNa

    I luv it, lol!!! He didn’t miss a move. He did a great job considering the small space he danced in.

  • lilval

    This is too much….I just simply love it too!!!!! He needs to dance with be’yon’ce one day during this song.

  • thickykins, LOL!

    he did the whole thing!!! dang i cant even do that!! put a wig on him and he in the vid!!!

  • princess07

    Man, this dude should have been one of Ms. Be’s dancers. He had those moves on lock. And I thought I had those video steps on lock LOL!!! This clip made my morning……..ha, ha!!!!

  • msunderstood

    yo..he killed this ..i think he worked it better than Beyonce…

  • Divadeebr

    Wow! This queen was on fire!! I wonder if he’s lloking because I have a friend who would put a ring on it for him.

  • sasha

    Homo says what?

    And what is that queen wearing? Does he just have on a black strap wrapped around him? And he is skinny as hell.

    oh well, not surprised; homos love Miss Bey!


    ROFLMAO! Ya’ll gonna get me fired for this mess! and whats’s killin’ me is that he still got that white boi rhythm!

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