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There’s been a lot of BS commentary, jokes, and shenanigans surrounding the death of Amy Winehouse, but this might take the cake…

Talk about sick.

Did you know that there’s been a website around since 2007 asking people to predict when Amy Winehouse would die?

Not only that, but…

The creeps behind the site also promised the winner that he or she would not only be crowned Mr. or Mrs. Death, but would be given an iPod Touch.

“Since we launched this site we’ve had hundreds of thousands of hits, 237 hate mails telling us we’re the devil in disguise and 96,026 people who left their predictions,” reads a note posted on the site two days after Winehouse’s passing. “Out of all those entries only 4 were correct. The first person to do so did it on December 21st 2007 and we’ve called her the winner of the iPod Touch. We will be contacting her via email.”

Just lovely.

On the day of her death, the website posted, “Amy Winehouse has passed away. Let’s hope her demise is an example for young people in how not to deal with your problems. May she Rest In Peace and her music live on.”

Oh, so the site is an educational tool for young people not to use drugs. Lame.

R.I.P. Amy Winehouse. We won’t let these douchebags sully your image or legacy.



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