Jamie Foxx at Palms Casino for Playboy Club VIP Grand Opening

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This is the type of party you would not take 1 hooker back to the room but maybe 3 or 4 in Jamie’s case. Possibly leave Vegas with the Herpes simplex virus as well.

Where is this hooker’s ass at?

Jamie looks like he could of tripped and fell into some pussy Saturday night. Did Angie Stone dye her fro red? What the hell is that on this lady’s lips? SMH

Taye Diggs looking very suspect with his homies. Message to “Taye” : make sure your wife is close when snapping shots with the cast from Queer Eye for the St8 Guy at a “Playboy” party. “Taye” looking like he would fit in well on the show here. SMH

NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Warren Moon with his wife and Playboy Bunny Kendra Wilkinson (on his left) who Terrell Owens is rumored to be scoring touchdowns with (apparently not with the Cowboys). Kendra is also rumored to have a “Black Only” dating policy .

Warren Moon: “Man, I wish this big old bitch wasn’t here so I can get on some of this young tail in here”.

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