Didn’t See This Coming: Bill O’Reilly Talks That Ish About Republicans For All Their Foolishness And Hate Toward President Obama

- By Bossip Staff

Ok Bill, for once we don’t have to get up in that @$$

Bill O’Reilly took some Republicans to task on his Thursday show, saying that they needed to stop their “craziness,” tone down their “hateful rhetoric” and pass a debt ceiling increase.

Speaking to guest host Laura Ingraham from Los Angeles, O’Reilly said he had taken a “moderate” stance on the debt crisis, and he warned Republicans who have so far been unwilling to pass a debt ceiling increase would only be helping President Obama, who he said had taken an “enormous hit” from the debate.

“The only thing that can save Barack Obama at this point is craziness on the right,” he said. “…It’s not only going to hurt the Republican party, which has already been hurt, but it’s going to save President Obama who they hate.”

“Exactly,” Ingraham said.

“The irony is, the people who dislike President Obama the most…are helping him the most,” O’Reilly said. “You’ve got to stop this hateful rhetoric. Some of the rhetoric is so hateful…it’d spin your head around. You have to say, listen, we’re at a point in the history when we have to save the country.”

Although the last person we thought would speak out against the Republican BS that is going on is Bill O’Reilly, we’re glad someone had the balls to say what needed to be said.


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  • Ash

    Read carefully. That’s not what he said. He said they are hurting themselves by being hateful and helping Obama( politically by giving Obama the chance to say “republicans are crazy and unreasonable) he is by no means helping Obama. Bill is still the devil on earth.

  • G

    If this all falls apart it Will be the beginning of the end of the Tea Party.

  • noble

    Thank you, Ash. That’s exactly what he said.

  • deedee

    That IS what he said but, at least he’s telling them to stop with the hateful rhetoric and raise the debt ceiling. The Rethuglicans think this is all about political posturing, when it’s ONLY about our future financial viability. At least Bill O’reilly realizes this is a dangerous and stupid game to play.

  • http://gravatar.com/SteelCityChick SteelCityChick

    @Ash…..you’re so right! Bill is still most definetly looking out for the Right wing in this statement!
    To me it’s like Bill is say “Hey guys lets lose this battle, so we can win the war”! Which absolutley makes sense…they may not like the idea of working with Obama to fix our situation, but if they don’t, they will most definatley be losing the war in 2012!

  • gina

    They are creating drama and stirring up 2012 votrs…..those SSI check will be there on time. They are playing the same game they play with federal employees! Stop freaking out like y’all got stock..lol

  • geekryderz

    The goal is to crash the market, no way they want Obama to have a secound term but there is not Republican who can beat him… So bring the economy to its knees and blame the black Guy… They rather havr many go hungry and homeless just to get him out of office .. @geekryderz follow

  • geekryderz

    The goal is to crash the market, no way they want Obama to have a secound term but there is not Republican who can beat him… So bring the economy to its knees and blame the black Guy… They rather havr many go hungry and homeless just to get him out of office .. Google odious debts…. The debt ceiling has nothing to do with us.. scam city like the bailout

  • gina

    Your 401k are scheduled to lose 9 percent this year. They are telling working people to don’t withdraw their 401k money and older americans to invest in commodities …..yea the banks and wall street are at it again.

    Congress your spending a billion $$ a day on wars. Notice how nothing about the wars have been highlighted in the evening news lately. No. Eygpt, Aftgh, Africa wars…humm. 10 Americans died this week and the news did NOT report it! BILLION EACH DAY ON FOREIGN WARS!

  • SayItLoudHD

    @geekryderz, cosign. U understand and get the picture. U r awake. I will look to follow. @gina, u will not get all the news we should get from corporate media. They give a narrow briefly informed view. Lots of misinformation and lies and propaganda. Get alternative news u can get on the web. Corporatist r buying politicians and buying media and feeding ppl full of propaganda. OReilly is right but still wrong. He is on the side with economic terrorists calling themselves lawmakers.

  • nikkislim

    All of this has to do with hurting Pres.Obama. They are trying everything they can to bring him down simply because of the color of his skin. What gets me about all of them is the say they believe in Almighty GOD. Well if they did, they would know that its GOD’s will that Pres.Obama is the President. But they fight and hate him and do everything to make him look bad. So in my honest opinion they don’t believe in GOD. They are sick and crazy. Pres.Obama will prevail in this just as he will in 2012! Who do the repubs have to challenge him? Nobody! They know it that’s why they messing with him now. They would rather let the country collapse, jepordize people not getting their SS checks, etc because of hatred of a Man’s skin color. All of us have to keep Pres.Obama in our prayers.
    Obama 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SayItLoudHD

    MONETARY,excuse me.

  • Bbeautifull

    In obama I trust!
    Even the republicanz are like what the hell.
    They know their sneaky scandalous azzez tryna make obama lose election by helpin screw up the economy worse!
    N the sad part iz ppl are hip to their bullshit, n everyone will suffer consequencez..
    Deliberate and obviois racism. Obama 2012 n to hell with those sheisty republicanz.


    If u live in a red state where Republican Governors having voter suppression tactics in an effort to prevent u from voting, especially in minority communities, how r u gon be able to vote for Obama?

  • karen cluke


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