Fantasia Is No Longer Hiding Her Gut Full: “This Child I Carry… God Has Given Me”

- By Bossip Staff

No sh*t Sherlock! While most of us have known Fantasia was holding more than a lil water weight for some time now, the singer decided to officially share the news for the first time in public this weekend.

Before her performance at the grand opening of the Riverview Apartments in Jacksonville, FL Fanny gave fans a special treat.

You are the the first person that I share this news with. And I share this with you because I can relate to you. And for a while I walked around figuring out what will they say and what will they think about me. But now I tell you I don’t live my life for folk.

This child that I carry…God has given me this child. And I don’t have to hide it from none of y’all.

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Congratulations Fanny.

Let’s be real though, at this point you COULDN’T hide it from none of us anyway.

The father is presumed to be Antwaun Cook — the guy who got Fanny sued by his wife last year for “Alienation of Affection” and caused a tabloid frenzy that stressed poor Fanny out so much she almost OD’d on aspirin. Poor thang.

Hopefully Fanny will have her life together once this lil one gets here.


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  • shellyshelly

    ugh she is the worst…and her voice is hella annoying…stop being so dam sloppy…wear a maxi dress or somethin

  • m

    Congrats to her! It was definitely no mystery, she was showing. And so what if she’s pregnant from the Cook guy. Who am I to judge? !! His marriage is over. But anyway I wonder if her reality show is coming back.

  • http://Bossip Glow

    Congrats fanny… have a great voice…to.e it down a little……

  • SweetMahogony

    He who is without sin cast the first stone….Enough said we as people shouldn’t judge her just pray for her….

  • cree

    Who are any of us to judge her. I like fantasia and pray that God continues to bless her.

  • renee

    Ppl are so fast to judge fantasia..but have little to say about Alicia keys..

  • 223

    Stop making excuses you nosey ho*s gossip all day now it’s none of your business when you find out your hoodrat idol ain’t sh*t leave it to black women to condone this if anybody

  • Watson387

    Amen Fannie

  • team nymphis

    I bet god is sayin…”why the fck my name keep coming up”

  • Myblackisbeautiful

    I pray that she learns frm her affair and that she continues to move forward in her life. That baby didnt ask to be here and if she decides that she wants Mr. Cook to be apart of that babys life than I hope they can be at peace with each other for the babys sake…. All we can do is keep praying for her…

  • team nymphis

    All this concern about country ghetto and hoodrat behaviour from someone callin themselves “alize”

    You can’t be serious

  • geekryderz

    Asia, the difference between Alicia and Fannie is a piece of paper saying,”I’m married “. Plus keys knew she wanted to keep a positive image so she started doing community work. When Fannie had her show she stayed around family friends and bad advice. At least when Eddie Griffin had a show, you seen him with his agent and accountant trying to make good business decisions. Fannie too busy helping out all them freeloader with they hand out to even see light of day at what she was doing wrong. Its Not a light or dark thing with them too… Its how u play out the situation

  • daahlingnikki

    So now its only God can judge Fantasia but Alicia Keys was jezebel #1..Where is all the disdain and righteous, indignation for Fanny? There was 1000+ comments during the AK,Swizz,Mashonda mess now its give Fanny a break….Hypocrites…Anyway good luck being a professional baby mama and working the chitlin circuit for the rest of your career….

  • TheSoundMind

    Dumb bytches always tryna throw that “god blessed me” bullshyt to justify their stupid choices and now she got all these other dumb hoodrats cryin for her not to be judged, but prayed for. Where is all this symppathy for the new single mother she got this nicca from. She’s not ur american idol so its no love for her. Black women versus black women and stupid women chose the ugly monster in the public eye.

  • Bbeautifull

    I love chitterlingz

  • itzme

    She literally begged ppl 2 accept her bak now she lik fuk us cuz we giv her a couple show 2 du that’s funny now tha bd (telemarketer) its gon b hard again cuz now she got 2 take a leave & does she even du charity work? Ijs

  • TheLovliestTear

    She almost took her life because of this dude…now this. Dang, Fanny…

  • Mrs. Rance

    I’m glad to hear she is not worrying about what people think of her and I pray she’s be truthful about that. No one can live her life for her.


  • John doe

    I agree 100% with geekryders.. As soon as ppl get caught up in some bullish#t they say only god can judge me !! She’s foul & her situation is foul!! Ppl will justify anything these days.. Soon it’ll be ok to sleep with our siblings if celebs do it!!

  • Avery H

    I have seen this story on several sites and read the comments people have made. It truely amazes me how evil and judgemental people can be! First off she is HUMAN…it is not hypocritical to say that GOD gave her that baby….nor is it wrong to say that she doesn’t care what people think! We do not know the whole story..nor should we! This is a person who gives back to her community, makes great music…and puts it down in every show! Why do people feel as though they have the right to judge anyone else! No one else must sin….dang people fall short…GOD FORGIVES ALL! To state an opinion is opposite of what people are saying….you don’t have to agree with her choices…but they are her choices! Respect her as a person….i would love to see the closets of some of those negatitive people…everyone has skeletons…the only difference is people pay to read about celebrities! We worry more about their lives then what’s really important! Worry about getting Obama in office 2012…worry about the educational system in inner cities… Especially as AA’S we have to stop breaking each other down….we are the only race of people who don’t respect each other….sad! 😦

  • jag

    Why do you have a problem with her saying only god can judge her?? Its true, are you expecting her to come out on her hands and knees and beg for forgiveness?
    The child is already there and she can’t change that, so she might as well get used to it…

  • Stacy

    It kills me to hear people talk bad about others!! Fanny is an American and we all have sinned… now who Are we to talk bad about HER for being pregnant?? Would it matter if we didn’t know who HER baby daddy was?? No it wouldn’t Cause y’all stupid… Fanny I’m happy for you and pray that this changes your relationship WITH Twaun and hopefully he pops the big question LOL I love you Fanny

  • nursedred

    If God gave her then who gave her the one she aborted?

  • geekryderz

    Yeah I do have a problem with the statements given…. Only God can judge me// I don’t care what people think is flat out not professional. She should’ve had someone issue a statement better yet write a statement for her. Lauryn hill issued a positive statement in regard the the birth of her new baby. You can’t be in the public eye and say such things that wont have a negative effect from the public. I don’t give a crap who baby inside her, i don’t have to be in the maternity ward with that. But for someone who commands the attention of young black females you gotta do a little better than that Mami….

  • Please STFU

    First of all Alicia Keys was judged wayyyyy more harshly then Fantasia. People still judge her til this day and its 2 years later. Second of all A Keys was already a HUGE philanthropist before all the scandal so dont make it seem like her charity work was to move attention away from the situation. People on here are so judgemental. Aint nobody on this site perfect so please stop being so negative and childish smfh

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