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Lil Kim: “Hollyweird turned me out, I am still trying to find the old cute Lil Kim”.

Starting to become routine for Lil Kim to look like a FUBU plastic surgery crackhead with some money. Someone help the poor girl before its too late. The Hip Hop Honors show will air October 17th on VH1.

“You brothas don’t know what your missin”. Ice-T needs to buy his ho some new gear quick, she is looking like a 5 dollar hooker from Tijuana. Nothing to show off there ICE but that fake rack. Coco and Ice-T arrive in Pimp-Ho style Saturday night.

Salt (middle) looking damn good. Spinderella and Pepa need some fashion tips or they may just be broke. “Jesus” looks to have really showed Salt (she is a big christian) the light and it shows. She is looking like she could pass for her late 20’s here and I repeat, very damn good!

Ice Cube with his wife Kimberly who looks great, very simple and classy.

To watch video of arrivals via our friends at TMZ, click here

“I have always wanted to be a guy, what the hell else can I do damn it, by the way, does this pink make me look a little feminine?” Da Brat looking like Da Brat.

Rema Ma looking busted and like she just came back from shopping on 125th street. Christmas is not until late December. I would have to question a persons sanity who walks out the crib or to a damn AWARDS show looking like this, all the while thinking they look fly.

“Beverly Poo” looking like she just grabbed a wig and an “outfit” from the Compton swapmeet. Damn, it seems almost everyone at the event was dressed a little early for Halloween.



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