They’ll Definitely Regret These Decisions: Stars That Tattoo Significant Others’ Names On Themselves

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Roses. Chocolates. A nice letter. These are how normal people show affection. But lunatics out there show their love by getting tattoos of their lovers. Umm…whatever.

Then, when it’s all said and done, they break up, hate each other and remove the tattoos. Isn’t that tender? Here are some of those idiots and the tattoos they ruined their bodies with.

Eminem – He got “Kim” tatted on his arm, but thanks to the fact they had possibly the worst possible relationship in the history of the world, he decided to mark his desire to have her dead. Well, that’s not nice.

Kobe Bryant – Nothing says “sorry for trying to drive into some random hotel clerk’s hole possibly against her will” like a $4 million ring and a brand new tattoo. Clearly Kobe got the memo so he put his wife’s name on his arm to apologize for his trip to Colorado. That’s romantic! No?

Mos Def – The Mighty Mos has had his fair share of relationship issues, baby mommas and wives. So it’s a surprise that he’s willing to tattoo another woman’s name on any part of his body. Maybe all of that love is why he hasn’t put out a good album in 12 years.

Angelina Jolie – We still don’t quite understand how these two ended up together…but they did. And they loved having crazy sex that made Jesus wept. While together, Jolie got a tat of Billy Bob’s name that she eventually had to cover up. We can’t believe she was convinced they’d last forever.

Nas – Nasty Nas lived up to the name by tattooing his wife, Kelis’, naked body on his arm. We’re surprised that he was able to afford to get it removed after she cleaned him out at the courthouse.

Amy Winehouse – Amy was wildly in love with her crazy drug-addicted boo. She loved Blake so much that she put his name on her skin. Sigh…just another sign of her self-destructive life.

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    Wiz Khalifa – He and Amber are two damn fools for love. Not only is he fake-serving her on stage, he’s getting her name tattooed on his hand. That makes us wonder if the hand tat is the new way to go. Do cats just put names on their fingers like it’s the cool thing to do? What’s up with that?

    Nick Cannon – We don’t blame him for being head over heels for a woman totally out of his league. That’s why he got the whole top half of his back tatted up with her name. He doesn’t even have any space for Munchkin and Mickey Mouse’s names.

    Fantasia – How do you celebrate your home-wrecking ways? By tattooing the man’s name on your body, that’s how! Baby girl went and snatched up old buddy from T-Mobile or wherever he was working and put his name on her while he was putting his seed in her belly. Tay Tay’s life has “T. D. Jakes Movie Of The Week” written all over it.

    Marc Anthony – He got Jen’s name on his wrist then promptly treated her like a d*ck. Now he’s getting rid of the name. He better keep it to remind himself of the fact that he used to tap that.

    Dave Navarro – See, he’s got it figured out. Dave put Carmen Elektra’s initials on his chest, but he kept it there to let the world know he was chopping those former Prince cakes.

    Tom Arnold – This clown got Roseanne’s face tattooed on his chest! We know she was paying all of his bills but damn! That goes in the dumb Hall of Fame. She was just happy to be getting some…he didn’t need to do all of that!

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