Common Myths About Black Woman/White Man Relationships

- By Bossip Staff

When you see a black woman and a white man walking together, holding hands or with a baby in tow, what’s the first thing that comes to your head?

There’s often a lot of assumptions that folks on both sides of the melanin spectrum come up with the justify their unions, and most of it has nothing to do what’s probably the real, honest-and-true reason: They LIKE each other–simple as that.

Sheesh. If I haven’t heard it all. And the list I could put together might be longer than the Dead Sea Scrolls, but for the sake of brevity, I’ll list a few of the most common bass-ackwards reasons people think black women and white men hook up. (Continue…)

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  • homicidalbrainiac

    Not another one of these articles (?)….

  • King Beef

    ?DMX voice? Here we go again. I date white men is the new saying replacing I got indian in my family.

  • twoface

    why everyother day theres an article about blackwomen/whitemen…obsessed much….what about blackmen/eskimo women…i sure love skimos

  • gina

    I really like eskimo pies….I dont think I can get into the eskimo men.

    Yesteday we went to our local NFL training camp to drop of snacks and water for our youth group. I tried look at NFL players and think those sexual thoughts but nothing happened. Four new fine azz black NFL players of different shades walk onto the field and I accidentally pour a bottle of water on myself 🙂

  • Tierre

    I honestly dont think anyone cares. Many people find other races attractive and love the sexual combination. For example, I love my strong vanilla hubby laying over my soft chocolate body. Ohhhh making me tingle just thinking about it.

  • Janay

    Hear that sound? It’s the sound of the dead horse getting beaten.

  • team nymphis


    No that’s the sound of tierre gettin beaten by her white master for gettin weave grease on his new pillow cases

  • King Beef


  • Sophie

    Black men stinks, most black females look like whales lol. But the black women with those stupid white men from what I’ve seen actually look decent. They look civilized.

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