For The Stans: BeyBey Covers UK Harper’s Bazaar

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Another day, another magazine cover for King B. The singer, who earned platinum status for her fourth album 4 this week, graces the front of UK Harper’s Bazaar’s September Issue and she is looking pretty bangin’ inside too, we must admit.

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  • Boring


  • http://Bossip Glow

    Looking good bey bey…love this girl…seems so cool and down2 earth……love her style…

  • Bbeautifull

    am i the only one who doesnt get the king b thing? it seemz like she alwayz tryna out do someone..

  • For The Stans: BeyBey Covers UK Harper's Bazaar (via Bossip) « I Don't Make The News

    […] Another day, another magazine cover for King B. The singer, who earned platinum status for her fourth album 4 this week, graces the front of UK Harper's Bazaar's September Issue and she is looking pretty bangin' inside too, we must admit. Check out more pictures when you continue. … Read More […]

  • Say what

    Bey looks amazing… I love love love it…

  • luv

    why does this seem like to be a kim k shoot to me? Maybe I’m wrong but from the first pic on down just seems like something kim would do.

  • Natasha

    @king beef,I agree. Its always the same people…and so they have nothing new to say. As far as I’m concerned all they need is photos minus the interviews sense the same questions is always being asked and the same answereds always given. Just different words.

  • chelle

    She is sooooo over rated…..Im sick og having to look at her….go have a baby…take so time off and give somebody else a moment in the spotlight. She never give the public a chance to miss her.


      She took a year off….. and no one was still able to catch up

  • Kill yourself


    Because”having a baby”will solve all the problems. You sound like some hoodrat.

  • well.......

    Lol kim k no no no…anytime she is in a magazine she’s look like. .. never mind.Bey looks amazing im glad she still making music her album is the bomb.

  • Westside cutie!!!!!!

    @ yea…STFU…. I see u still on BeWACKce nuts! U always have to attack someone who doesn’t like this overrated chick! And then u always pullin’ that “why u envy or hatin”! ain’t nobody hatin’ on this girl it’s just that her time is up and and a lot of people are sick of hearing and seeing her! Go ahead be her biggest Stan but don’t get mad at us for not hopping on ur sick and twisted fan bandwagon! The way u be taking up for this chick u would think she’s paying u or u know her personally( which i doubt)! BeYAWNce don’t know u, she doesn’t want to know u, she don’t care about u! She just wants ur $$$ to make her rich! U need to get a life and stop worshipping false idols!

  • yea!

    Its ok@Westside cutie!!!!!!aka@natasha for everyone haters bey has there’s 100 of us fan,so let’s me make beyonce rich its my decision to support the ONLY talented female artist of this generation…and just like beyonce don’t know me or care about me the same goes 4 u(so what’s ur point?),and if ur so “sick and tired of beyawnce” why click on her post?lol girl have several seats talking bout u sick and tired of someone lol just bc the woman has everything for u to envy don’t mean u should envy her support the black woman there’s only a few of them up there,stop being bad mind and jealous and if u really want to feel better about ur self get up do something and trust me u’ll see the beauty in beyonce,instead of being lazy and envious!

  • Miss tahbee

    I love bey bey’s new album. Its a totally new sound. She always raises the bar with her music. People thought she was crazy when bday came out and that was a sucess. All the haters shud just stfuays raises the bar with her music. People thought she was crazy when bday came out and that was a sucess. All the haters shud just stfu

  • Westside cutie!!!!!

    I feel u @ king beef and ur right it is a non- issue….! But @ yea the reason why I click on a BeYAWNce post and voice my opinion is because I can!!!!! So this is the last conversation I’m having with u! So I guess i’ll see u around on another BeyWACKce post voicing my opinion about King BeyWACKce!

  • jule

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  • Real Issh

    Why are you basic b*tches hating ? Yah stan harder for Bey than her real stans . I’m a stan & yah here b4 me . Sheesh . She looks beautiful , you guys wish you could be on a cover . I’ll cop this .

  • c'est la vie

    why did they change the format again,liked the other format better. comment were deleted ….

  • 666

    damn why yall niccas gotta act so naggerish all the time.

    try being civilized or acting white!

  • Marquis de Sade

    Why is this site so bent on making to difficult to post comments, and why in the Hell do they keep changing the format? Stop tinkering with something that doesn’t need to be tinkered with!

  • Marquis de Sade

    Ok, I see y’all reverted back to the old format, huh? Fine, lets’ dare to be different and keep like this, shall we? Y’all even got my old avatar design back. I approve.

  • iRock

    ok here is how it is… SHUT UP! i can never click on anything about beyonce without seeing ‘she old’ ‘have a baby’ SHE DOIN WAT SHE LOVE TO DO! she’s not even 30 yet! i mean wen did it become a crime to live ur dreams? She is one of the best and yes she has been out a while but she still doin her thang. STILL MAKIN PLATNUM ALBUMS! so chill and let her do her. u haters sit here wasting ur life TRYING to put someone down. just shut up and read a book or something. WHEN B STOPS SHE’LL STOP #THEEND!

  • Antonio

    IDK what it is..but I could never stand Beyonce before. Now I’m actually digging her. I think her music has got better, mainstream but not the most typical R&B, boring bullshit. Plus she gets mad respect for even attempting to play the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury. Rock groups with twice her experience can even be intimidated by that stage. Many dumb Americans don’t realize but that was a monumental and benchmark moment not only for black female artists but for women in pop in general. People just want the same old sappy, over-sexualized R&B urban radio been peddling for 20 years

  • nana

    I think you are jut obsessed with her you don’t like her but you search are up.

  • remmy

    This gotta be the best photoshoot yet…she hasn’t been playing with the photoshoots this era…ain’t made at cha…

  • Natasha

    @yea!, first far most , you definitely need to stop using God’s name in vain!! Second you’re obviously confusing me for somebody else. I don’t ever talk about this woman’s family, marriage or all the things you’re accusing me of… Seems like you have it for me, cause with all the people on here thats bashing her, I don’t understand why I’d be the one to attacked. Just so you know I own 3 of Beyonce’s solo albums, 1 solo dvd, and I also own from DC’s just well. I don’t hate Beyonce, I don’t worship her either. So tell ’em why you mad, yea. @ westside cutie!!!!!, thanks.

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