Something Strange For A Piece Of Change Steez: Famous Women That Could Be Strippers In Another Life

- By Bossip Staff
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Strippers get so much bad flack for what they do. So what if they like to get naked for money? What’s the difference between that and what some celebrity women do for a living?

Don’t believe us? Here are some ladies that carry on like strippers and could damn well be strippers if they weren’t making millions!

Beyonce – Yes, Barbara Walters and them might see her as this mega classy dame, but Bey Bey will get nasty with the best of them. She dances on poles and is with a rapper. Sounds like a stripper to us!

Rosa Acosta – Don’t you think her flexibility would make a perfect addition to any skrip club? She could probably make her toe touch the pole above her head or something. We commend her bendiness…but you best believe that others would want to commend it with a few choice singles.

Rihanna – She freaking does scandalous dances in the middle of the streets! So imagine what a broke Rih Rih would do in the confines of a club setting. And S&M probably only adds to her new strippery persona.

Ciara – She went from tomboy to main stage performer overnight. Suddenly she was riding mechanical bulls and going spread eagle on every stage she was on. Can’t tell us she doesn’t have stripper moves after watching those videos.

Janet Jackson – We already know what her name would be: Miss Jackson if ya nasty. She has on-stage lap dances and borderline freak shows every time out. Even at damn near 50, Janet is all about that freaky entertaining that drive…consumers…crazy.

Christina Aguilera – She went from dirty to wholesome to hoetastic in a few short years. Seems like a leopard-printed legging and matching pumps never changes its spots. Christina’s growing more insane and more out there with every day. Maybe she’ll actually end up on a pole if she keeps it up.

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    Coco – She routinely works out on a stripper pole and is pretty much a exhibitionist without shame. Imagine those cakes at the shake joint. It’d be a look into Ice T’s life.

    Lady Gaga – She’d be one of those S&M women with ball gags and whips and witchcraft. If she were to dance for you, you’d expect to have some bruises at the end.

    Nicki Minaj – She’s the bionic body. You saw her lap dances on tour so you can imagine what she could do. Hell, she may have done some tossing it up to Gucci Mane music at some point before wandering to Young Money.

    Mya – Her love is apparently like “Whoa” and she showed it in a strippery video for the ages. Plus those thighs have looked like she had the reverse Nutty Professor potion in her legs. She’d be a great skripper, but you might get sea sick looking at all that thickness.

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    • Zara

      Ciara’s the sexiest of them all, and nicki looks like an alien

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    • Revolver Man

      I’ll happily provide the salami for a Rosa Acosta-Ciara sandwich. 😉

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