Reality Rewind: Basketball Wives Royce Meeting Eric (Jen’s Ex-Hubby) Dissected, Chad & Evelyn’s Past, And More [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

The common factor is Slutty Suzie’s mouth!

Reality Rewind: Basketball Wives Last Episode With Royce Meeting Eric (Jen’s Ex-Hubby) And More Of The Show Dissected! [Video]

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  • Reality Rewind: Basketball Wives Royce Meeting Eric (Jen’s Ex-Hubby) Dissected, Chad & Evelyn’s Past, And More [Video] | MOCRadio Network

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  • Lawd da Mercy

    I would not allow Eric to use me as a pawn in his little game against Jennifer. Why is he trying to cast her friends, of all the women he knows? Is Royce that desperate for a career start up? I mean she’s already on tv. It seems like she just feeding into some more drama and on some get back at Jen by being in cahoots with Eric.

  • b

    royce shouldnt be doing that tho…. is COMMON SENSE smh

  • sare

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  • Armstrong9

    They aren’t even friedns…for all you saying she owed something to Jen….1)Jen instigated the issue with Evelyn, 2)talks bad about here every chance she gets, 3)was the FIRST one to say she didn’t want her to go on the trip….ALL yall chicks saying she owed her something probably act snobby like jen and want someone to kiss ur azz too……it wasnt sexual and suzie told her that…AND if Jen was so mad and big and bad like she was when she was talking to suzie about confronting royce, why did she leave before royce got there? cuz she’s a coward!!!! especially if evelyn is not around. Jen doesn’t talk to her…talks about her …and has stated she doesn’t like her…..hell they not really even in the same circle cuz royce never goes anywhere withe….she is usually with tami or suzie….Womne please stop with the BS….she aint owe her ish!

    • wtfever


  • TennesseeTitan

    i dont blame royce, she dont owe jen anything. she tried to meet with jen,jen left so thats on her. jen is a follower, too worried abt making evelyn mad.

  • Val Miller

    I agree with others in that Royce doesn’t owe Jennifer any explanations. It would be different if they were friends, but at this point, it seems they’re barely civil to each other. You’re only accountable to those you care about and clearly, there’s no love loss between these two. Now on the other hand, it’s interesting that Royce is allowing herself to be used as a pawn by Jen’s ex to irk Evelyn’s BFF. But I guess for the right price, she’ll play along and also get some satisfaction irking Jen, as well.



  • nasi

    Your partner’s past should only matter to YOU and not be an issue of what others think. Personally, the number of ex relationships is of no importance. My only concerns are usually: any lingering feelings for an old flame or if there’s some indication of promiscuity and propensity to cheat.

  • Michael Elam

    Why is Suzie always running her mouth? She’s so damn annoying, always playing “run and go tell”

  • http://bossip luvbug

    Why shouldn’t Royce be talking to Eric? yall know Royce love making ugly babies. Cause her son is not cute!!!!!

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