Homeless Man Released From Atlanta County Jail Sings Better Than Most Of Your Young Stars Now! [Video]

- By Bossip Staff
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Homeless Talent Of The Month: Forget Ted Williams… This Is A Golden Voice! [Video]

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  • breezy

    Nice voice. Wish him luck!

    • Zoe

      He has a great voice. I hope someone discovers him.

  • Mich

    This guy is really a good singer. I enjoyed his singing very much. I hope someone in the biz could use his voice.


    yu better SING!

  • cohen549

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  • E. Hardy

    Awww sookie sookie now, “tell me why we can’t get along”, you keep singing like that, I will show how WE CAN get along.” LOL…Naw, he sounds great!

  • lilly

    Tell me why you were in jail. Shoplifting, domestic violence, robbery, while waiting to be “discovered?” America has become a nation of game show, talent show and reality show contestants because it’s easier than actually working for a living. No wonder this country is fading fast. BTW, dude’s voice is not all that.

    • Peaches

      People like you are why this country is not longer considered the land of hope and opportunity. Dno’t know a thing but still running your mouth!!

    • YupISaidIt

      @ Lilly: So true! @ Peaches: Learn how to spell, dumb azz.

    • lilly

      @Peaches: Child please! America ceased being the land of opportunity a while ago. There was a time when you could come here to make a better life for yourself. Un fortunately, too many came here for handouts and they, along with the natural born leeches have bankrupted this nation. I can run my mouth if I want. I’m a taxpayer who puts money on your EBT card.

    • sweetd

      Whether you like it or not he has a great voice and besides you or anyone else knows his circumstances

  • LAMO

    Now thats what you call a good voice.

  • Triston for Dummies

    Y’all lied. This was average at best. So are we ignoring the fact that he just got released from jail because he can kinda hold a note?


    The circumstances of his jailing aside…the man has a voice.Back in the 70’s-he’d already be be in the studio.Either as a background vocals…or part of a group.Sadly we are in the hip-hop era.They have no use for talented vocalists…or for that matter ACTUAL TALENT.Good luck with it anyway Tony.

    • i'm rich

      well said

  • Daisy Jay

    Now THAT’S a real voice! No voice effects, no autotune, just real singing! “Tell me what the – is going ooonnnn!! xD

  • mimi

    Wow. No computerized mess,no lipsyncing.
    You sir,are talented! and I hope he finds his way in life.
    Better late than never!

  • Tamika

    Yea hes cool, I gave him money before near magic city..hewas nice he and sang for me. But sadly he told me is sick… Sooo his time here is very limited.

  • Dee

    He sounds kinda like R. Kelly. Nice.

    • tsktsk

      Yup! And R Kelly should be in jail.

  • just me

    “Niiights like this I wiish, that raindrops would faaaa-alll”

    • Missme

      Lol, one of the best scenes of all time.

  • dee

    When you sing like that is shows you’ve lived life and shed some real tears.

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    This man has a lovely voice, and it’s a shame that he wasn’t able to use his talent to make a better life for himself. I don’t know why he was locked up, but hopefully someone hearing him will give him an opportunity to showcase his talent and hopefully give him a chance at a fresh new start. Best of luck to him…

  • my girl78

    He has an ok voice,with a little vocal training he should be ok.and there are a lot of singers,and rappers who has been to jail.and some that should be in jail.so i am not the one to judge this guy.

  • Marie

    Oh, well I guess he can sing background. I was not impressed. He sounds like most singer to me.

  • Lodi, NJ

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  • Lodi, NJ

    So what’s the deal now. Ya’ll gone back to your old way of listing comments? I like the newer way better because all of my comments made it onto the board and we could “like” other peoples’ comments. Now we going back to black gossip’s bs again where you have to guess which of your comments are gonna make it on.

    • Ejay

      Yeah, I wander what happend. I like the new message system. Seems like we’re going back to the stone ages.

    • Honut Sinti

      I wonder why they keep switching the comments posting system. I prefer the previous one with the “Like” clicks.

  • Tee

    God bless him!

  • tae1

    He aight, the way yall talking, I thought he was going to blow

  • CoOkiE

    The man can sing.. and he’s singing acapella. you go Tony Neal.

  • Honut Sinti

    He has a nice voice. I can see more training though and he would be even better.

  • Kscooter

    Sounds like Kells to me!

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