Party Time! Apparently Alex Rodriguez Likes Coked Out Celebrity Poker Parties

- By Bossip Staff

Remember the good old days when A-Rod was just getting in trouble for doing old-fashioned steroids like the rest of his peers?

Allegedly, Alex Rodriguez has been hobnobbing with important celebrities like Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, playing some high-price poker games with them. Sounds innocent enough, right? Well, the problem is that there was supposedly coke openly used at the table and fights almost broke out when one person refused to pay a hefty price for a lost game.

Thanks to the tabloid story that placed A-Rod at these games, Major League Baseball investigators are going to meet with Rodriguez to talk about his involvement in these parties. It probably won’t lead to any suspensions or anything, but after his embarrassing issue with steroids, A-Rod may want to lay low, stay legal and keep chopping down Cameron Diaz until he retires.

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  • Sparkle

    Sho nuff!



  • mella21

    A-rod has to be one of the DUMBEST athletes ever. I swear, he gets out of one mess and he just doesn’t understand how to keep his foot from getting into another one.

    He gets away with taking steroids, what does he do? Keep bringing the SAME cousin who he claims went south of the border to get them for him around the team.

    He got into flap for these underground poker things when he first came to the Yankees, but he doesn’t seem to care.

  • caper

    like a moth drawn to a flame jeter,woods,etc dont know the house never loses, the house will let u win a ton of money aka this is the hook. then WAM u are in to deep and u got to compromise hit here or a putt there. in other words “they got a hook in ur azz.

  • huh

    I think when people have as much money as these people do (Barkley, Jordan, etc), they just dont know how to entertain themselves in regular ways.

    Everything is heightened, everything is on a different level. Then you got dudes like AI who some say is literally broke right now.

  • robbie

    i think they’re both coke heads.

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