Bangers: Rihanna Does Her Jetski And Beach Thing With Her Cakes And Thighs On Display In A White Kini

- By Bossip Staff

Dayum! Okay, we see you Rih Rih!

We think she knew what she was doing, hitting the beach in that little white kini with her “natural” locks flowing, constantly bringing attention to the booty.

Fellas (and some of you ladies): you’re welcome. More pics on the flip.

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  • yea!

    I don’t like this girl but I can’t deny that she has a banging bod!

    • Anon

      Yeah rite, must be hard to like her when your a big,fat greasy black ape. I would hate her too if I were you. Guess you love freak azz Kelly Flop Rowland though. She is so gorgeous and totally reps fro the dark skin girls huh. Nonsense

  • hmmm

    Hmmm I wonder how many people r say she jacking beyonce’s hair style bc if bey ever comes out with red hair all hell break loss!

  • clanier

    That is not her natural locks that is a wig/weave etc it looks like one of the ratty wigs Beyonce wears sometimes.

  • mediavest7floor

    I must admit her body is on point.

  • Matix Double Negative B

    Y’all are fuqing bitter miserable, petty little jealous hags. There is nothing you can say or do that will stop this girl form living her LIFE!

    • lala

      I agree. Although she goes too far in MY opinion, she’s gonna do what she wants. I think she looks great and she seems like a fun chick to hang with. Live and let live is what I always say.

    • Matix Double Negative B

      IKR? I may not live her lifestyle but she is a down to earth chic, and i can’t shade her for doing her. Happy Friday BTW!

  • lucy

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  • Hershey Kiss

    She looks nice i want that bikini ….. Glad she got rid of that red hair it was getting old…

  • Tami_Lane

    She looks super cute. That wig is a bit nappy and messy, but it works for the beach I guess.

    Can’t this girl find some good indian remi?

  • Cliff

    why did yall go back to the old comment system?

    • mediavest7floor

      Thank You.

    • Good Grief

      Really? I actually thought this style was better :-/

  • Trisha

    I love me some RiRi!! The bathing suit is cute. I doubt she’s worried about no damn paps. She’s on the beach w/ some friends having fun, somewhere i would love to be right now. The hair looks fine, the girl doesn’t keep a hair style for long lol.

  • JustAshley

    She looks great. This hair color is so much better.

  • QueenLove

    Finally, I can make a comment. 🙂

  • candy

    OMG!!..RiRi stoled Beyonce Hair somebody please check an see if Bey still has her Hair!!!

  • yea!

    @anon its fans like u that make me dislike her,u was blinded by the fact that I gave her props for looking good and no “fat greasy black ape”,I’m into fitness and fat people disgust me and yes I do like kelly row bc her bod is crazy bad,and u sound like an uneducated moron judging someone over the internet…silly u,I hope u have an education if not ur in serious trouble.

  • lucy

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  • baby-girl

    Cracking up at the selective criticism. When it’s a Beyonce post on the beach..We are stans for feeling her, she’s trying to hard, tacky, ugly weave…doing it for attention….WHAT THE FU*K IS RHIANNA DOING..? But the majority of you are cool with her doing the same shi*. I don’t get it..

    • Matix Double Negative B

      What’s even funnier is that on every thread someone has to bring up BEY- They are two different people, WHO FUQING CARES WHAT PEOPLE SAY-they are just pop stars get the fuq over it!

    • Trisha

      1st of yall why does beyonce name have to come up when Rihanna is mentioned???

      But maybe b/c Rihanna has never put out a front like she’s perfect. Rihanna has always been care free, says what’s on her mind, always having fun. This is not out of Rihanna’s character. Where as Beyonce puts out this front like she’s perfect & basically boring.

  • Getem

    Freaking Hot!! She motivates me to stay in the gym.

  • Matix Double Negative B

    You don’t need to switch names to post your lame azz comparisons-STOP BRINGING UP BEYONCE ON THREADS THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH HER! FUQING ANNOYING AS HE!!

  • Matix Double Negative B

    Y’all STANS crack me the fuq up…..On Beyonce posts you tell people not to post if they don’t like her-then on Rihanna posts you come in talking ’bout BEYONCE THIS AND BEYONCE THAT…..That’s like comparing Tupac and Biggy- they are both good but different….GET THE FUQ OVER IT ALREADY…sheesh….y’alll arguments have no merit!

  • Tee

    That is a weave in her head so please stop with the natural ish! She has a BOMB a$$ body I wld get it in with her cus she is down with that

    • Matix Double Negative B

      I don’t even like girls like that BUT RI RI is my girl CRUSH for sure she’s smoking HAWT

  • Deb

    Say what you will about this vocally challenged young lady, but her body is bangin.



    • maybeimarudeboy

      I’ve always thought she looked too small up top and too large down bottom…she has no shape tho…no curves…I never understand what these people are looking at when they’re saying her body is the bomb. Sorry, but I’ve seen much better

    • Lisa

      Please , Please show your pictures both of you. Hating a** b*tches. There is absolutely nothing wrong with theat girls body, she has a womans body, what do you want her boobs busting out of her chest? Please sit.

    • Daisy Jay

      There’s nothing wrong with Rihanna’s body at all. She is in shape and she looks good. A woman doesn’t have to have DDs and a 45-inch a** to look good, fyi. There are different types of nice bodies if you haven’t noticed. No, she’s not the curviest woman in the world, but she’s not shaped like a boy either. She looks good, it’s just a fact.

  • Getem

    I like her hair like this as well.

  • fabchick

    rihanna= my girl crush. She does her thing and does not care what anybody thinks. love this chick.

  • Janay

    Perfect shape and bod

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