Put On Blast Again: That Fight Nicki Minaj Said Never Happened Was Caught On Tape

- By Bossip Staff

Oh, how those tangled webs we weave can rear their ugly little heads at the most inopportune time.

This morning, Nicki Minaj is doing that (not-so) little Good Morning America concert in Central Park thing. This comes a day after the announcement that she was added to the voice cast of Ice Age 4. Big career moves and stuff, right?

But that’s not what anyone is talking about this morning. We’re still on the 7-minute 911 call that was captured on tape during that Dallas altercation that she swore never happened.

Here’s the general gist of it:

A manager at Hotel Palomar tells 911 that he needs to remove a guest but that they won’t open up the door.

The operator takes down some basic information and then asks if the incident involves both males and females.

The hotel manager hesitates and asks, “Nicki?”

A woman is heard in the background screaming, “What? What are you asking me for?”

The hotel manager explains that he has called 911 and that police are on the way.

Then another man yells, “Put your phone away, sir. Put your phone away.”

The next few minutes of the tape are mostly unintelligible. There is periodic screaming, and the 911 operator continues taping.

At one point a man is heard yelling, “Get my luggage. I want my (expletive) luggage.”

Then later, a woman says, “Look at what he did to my face.”

Eventually, the hotel manager gets back on the phone and has the following conversation with the operator:

MANAGER: Did you hear all that?

911: Yeah I got it all on tape.

MANAGER: It’s pretty crazy up here right now. This is a celebrity profile group. This is Nicki Minaj. I don’t know if you know anything about that. But her entire crew is up here on the eighth floor, and it is getting crazy. So as soon as possible would be awesome.

911: OK.

MANAGER: She got hit in the face by somebody, too. I’m sure you got that on tape.

911: Who? Nicki Minaj?

MANAGER: Yes. She got hit.

911: Who? Who hit her? Do you know?

MANAGER: I don’t know. But I know she’s screaming about it right now so I’m happy you got all that on tape.

Check out the full audio below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Wonder if Robin Roberts will be asking her about this whole incident.

So what did Nicki have to say to this latest in the saga of the fight the media made up? Click here to find out.

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  • Jayla


  • JStim

    Damn.. thats crazy!

  • abcdefg

    Ok I have a problem with this…where does it end….she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation so I don’t get y people r pushing so hard and getting 911 tapes

    its not like people are saying something about domestic abuse in reference to the tape
    They r doing it for more hits on they’re blog …etc

    This shouldn’t be released to make a point that she may have lied if she did oh well its her business however dont out negative info out there if ur not offering any positive insight..
    This is just disgusting to me…no ones making a big deal about the women being beat everyday and can’t escape and won’t escape…even though the should let Nikki find her way or help her….otherwise stop being so damn nosey

    • lala

      I disagree, she got popped by a dude and she’s not talking. Stop covering up for his butt and put him on blast, like yall did Chris Brown. Domestic abuse is domestic abuse, and she was involved in a domestic dispute. Whether she likes it or not, she has young women looking up to her. Why? I don’t know, but she does. What’s the message she’s sending them, that “hey ladies if a man hits you deny deny deny, and stay with him, so he can beat you some more.” This girl is a loser, I would not tolerate any man hitting me, and the world would know it.

  • LG

    just goes to show hat no amount of money will be buy you self esteem. any woman with any respect for herself would not tolerate such behaviour and then cover it up the next day. shame.

  • Jayda23

    What is going on with them? Is Safaree jealous or somn? Men being managers,side partners to their more successful partners, do not mix well!

    “I don’t know any of these people”…Lol

  • supergooneone

    man……..F both of themm

  • sare

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  • Nicole

    So what if she lied? She dont have to explain nothing to nobody and people always up in her business and getting mad. Its HER life not YoURS

    • G.M.

      nobody was sayin that sh1t when Anthony Weiner got put on blast and ridiculed for his lies he told the public about sexting pics to other women…nobody was sayin “who cares if he lied, thats his personal business”…this chick is lying about gettin her a$$ whooped and when it escalates to more serious injuries, then she’ll be cryin to the very public she told to go fucc off for believing blogs/TMZ for some sympathy, doin interviews tryin to be the next spokesperson for DV, who CHOSE to stay in the situation & defend her alleged attacker smh

  • mediavest7floor

    Why are they, bringing this whole incident up again. I thought this was old news.

    • Ash

      Because she said TMZ lied. They had to prove her wrong.

    • yesmane

      yup tmz is credible unlike like mdeiafakeout they back it up with sources and facts

  • Lothario Jones

    Dear Lord, I ask that you bless and comfort Nicki during this difficult time. Guide her to YOU, Lord Jesus. Help her find strength in a real relationship with YOU. May she and her crew worship YOU in Spirit and in Truth. In the Almighty Name of Jesus I pray: Amen.

  • gina


    These ain’t nobody business if I do hoes…..holla abuse louder than anybody after dude dumps their silly azz for a new chick. Bust her ear drum, knock out her teeth, black her eye, spend all her money, crippled that hoe but don’t killer HER! Then dump her ” y’all stay out my business azz”. Oh yes dont forget to give that kind silly female some daughters so their mothers can teach them how to repeat the cycle! STUPID AZZ STAY OUT MY BUSINESS HOES PLZ!

    Billie Holiday: Dont go calling no Copper if I am beat up by my Papa, ain’t nobodies business if I do…..yes that song was sung by another self loathing drug addict prostitute! Nobodies business If I do….. right!

  • datruth

    They bringing it back up because she claimed it never happened

  • seek2027

    Whats up with all that tuff talk she was doing? that what i want to know

  • me

    She does NOT have to explain to anyone. So what she is in the public eyes and yes she has NO talent just like lady ga ga and madonna, just females dressed up in costume role playing. I pray that she gets out of the relationship it’s just a jealous boyfriend who can’t take his mates success. He’s her damn hype man what a damn joke. That’s why women when you do get paper, make sure you are with a man who is holding like yourself don’t take anything LESS because it will end up in jealousy..trust and believe.


    my 1st thought was you can’t take splavoos no where…but on 2nd thought, this kinda nonsense could’ve went down with Bon Jovi’s crew, Joan Jett’s crew, or hell it DEFINITELY used to go down like that with Johnny Depp & his crew, so…i guess the life of rock stars & their entourages don’t come without the bullshyte too.

    i hope Nicki’s ok & de-balls the f*ckhead that laid hands on her.

    and i maintain:

    ALL DAY!
    *ch-yeah* 😉

    • RHONYC

      (where’s my green tea? lol) 😆

  • kidrebelny

    I understand that being a celebrity sometimes you want your privacy but her response was pretty much wack, she’s condoning this man hitting her.

  • Miss_Bliss

    she didn’t tell because she knew yall would crucify her like yall did Rihanna.. Media and Fans included!

    • lala

      Of course we will, because she’s a stupid woman that’s staying with a man that beats her, If he did it once, he’s gonna do it again and it’ll be worse. Any woman that stays with a woman beater gets no sympathy from me.

    • peace_love_harmony

      Yeah, and I bet he didn’t even mean to hit her-I’m sure it was an accident 😉 C’mon stop living in denyal.

  • Aja

    Keep cops out yours . Agree.

  • yooo

    Who heard the reporter ask were the people fighting Black or Latin though BEFORE they knew it was Nicki Minaj’s crew??? smh

  • http://www.twitter.com/da_pope9 dapope9


    • peace_love_harmony

      You have issues little boy.

  • JustAshley

    I don’t blame her for lying about it- if the tape is real.

  • King Beef

    Ken beating on barbie now! Spiderman might be gay! Wtf is going on?

    • Daisy Jay

      Lmao! Shut up

  • Youknowwhatitis

    😉 We here *_*

  • rene

    She did not deserve to get hit. She is a DIVA!

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