Put On Blast Again: That Fight Nicki Minaj Said Never Happened Was Caught On Tape

- By Bossip Staff

Oh, how those tangled webs we weave can rear their ugly little heads at the most inopportune time.

This morning, Nicki Minaj is doing that (not-so) little Good Morning America concert in Central Park thing. This comes a day after the announcement that she was added to the voice cast of Ice Age 4. Big career moves and stuff, right?

But that’s not what anyone is talking about this morning. We’re still on the 7-minute 911 call that was captured on tape during that Dallas altercation that she swore never happened.

Here’s the general gist of it:

A manager at Hotel Palomar tells 911 that he needs to remove a guest but that they won’t open up the door.

The operator takes down some basic information and then asks if the incident involves both males and females.

The hotel manager hesitates and asks, “Nicki?”

A woman is heard in the background screaming, “What? What are you asking me for?”

The hotel manager explains that he has called 911 and that police are on the way.

Then another man yells, “Put your phone away, sir. Put your phone away.”

The next few minutes of the tape are mostly unintelligible. There is periodic screaming, and the 911 operator continues taping.

At one point a man is heard yelling, “Get my luggage. I want my (expletive) luggage.”

Then later, a woman says, “Look at what he did to my face.”

Eventually, the hotel manager gets back on the phone and has the following conversation with the operator:

MANAGER: Did you hear all that?

911: Yeah I got it all on tape.

MANAGER: It’s pretty crazy up here right now. This is a celebrity profile group. This is Nicki Minaj. I don’t know if you know anything about that. But her entire crew is up here on the eighth floor, and it is getting crazy. So as soon as possible would be awesome.

911: OK.

MANAGER: She got hit in the face by somebody, too. I’m sure you got that on tape.

911: Who? Nicki Minaj?

MANAGER: Yes. She got hit.

911: Who? Who hit her? Do you know?

MANAGER: I don’t know. But I know she’s screaming about it right now so I’m happy you got all that on tape.

Check out the full audio below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Wonder if Robin Roberts will be asking her about this whole incident.

So what did Nicki have to say to this latest in the saga of the fight the media made up? Click here to find out.

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