Shaunie O’Neal Is Not Proud Of What “Basketball Wives” Has Become, Is Embarrassed By The Hoes In LA

- By Bossip Staff

Damn, Shaunie…tell us how you really feel!

“When I started the show I really just wanted to follow this group of ladies around. We all have a common bond; we understand each other’s lives. It started as that. Since then, it’s taken on a life of its own,” O’Neal told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “I never imagined it would be a group of ladies fighting and arguing that way that they do. That was never part of the plan.”

But what O’Neal may have planned to be a positive show has dissolved into a drama-filled program full of tears, tantrums, cat fights and lewd language.
“I hate that it has to be a fight or an argument that gives us 4.2 million viewers. I hate that, but it’s something where I’m working as hard as I can to show some type of balance, because it is there. We do know how to act, we do charity work. I would love a little more balance and we’re going to try to do more of that in season 4,” she said. “I know that people love the fighting and the arguing, but I do want to have some positive in there somewhere.”
O’Neal adds that the Los Angeles spinoff may be part of her franchise, but that she is not proud of it in any way.
“I feel like that show, from what I hear in certain production calls and stuff like that, is turning into ‘I have slept with a basketball player at some point of time in my life, so now I’m on Basketball Wives’. That’s definitely not what I brought to the table and not what I would be proud of having my name on. I think that’s a whole different show that I wouldn’t produce.”
So embarrassed by the show is O’Neal that she won’t allow her children to watch the program and wants to completely revamp it.
“A change needs to be made somewhere in these reality shows. If I can be the start, I would to be a start in showing some balances,” she said.

At least she’s honest. And for real, how are these hoes who have just let a gang NBA cats smash that getting on this show?!?!?!?! Craziness.


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  • Magister Veritatis (RNI)

    Shaunie is a bold face liar. If she wanted this show to be positive why would she invite Evelyn and Tami to join the show? She knew full and well what was going to happen between these women. Granted, she might now have expected them to get into physical altercations. But I guarantee she knew personalities wouldn’t match and drama would ensue.

    I figure if the show has morphed into something you cannot be proud of, you should cancel it. Once her television contract is up she needs to walk away from the show. But we all know she won’t do this as money often replaces principals and ethics.

    • ms. d

      yes she is lol.

    • lala

      I agree, unfortunately. 😀 Just playing.

    • Magister Veritatis (RNI)


      You agree with everything I say. Remember, daddy knows best.

    • lala

      Oh please.

    • Magister Veritatis (RNI)

      What happen to the $10 million she stole from Shaq? Her troll looking azz is not hurting for money.

    • redbonebitch

      I agree 100!! Plus, Tammi said her favorite show was Bad Girls Club and Housewives of Atlanta and NeeNee is her favorite–that says a lot right there.

    • Magister Veritatis (RNI)

      Why am I not surprised Tami is a fan of “The Bad Girls Club”?

      That show is worse than BBW. All those girls do is fight and f8ck.

  • Lex

    She needs to STFU!!! She’s the one that perpetuates all the drama for ratings. Whatever…

    Follow me @ LEXMUA

  • abcdefg

    Yeas ….ur comment is on point

  • Dwayne

    Let’s be real, without the high school drama you have boring, shopping… let’s do lunch lives. The show was done when Shaq stepped in from jump and said don’t say shyt about me; not to mention that no A list NBA players or wives will become involved with the mess. Let’s be real, without the high school drama you have boring little, shopping and let’s do lunch lives.

  • Janay

    Magistrr v… I totally agree. She should cancel it if She really wants to make a difference. I think she has gotten so much flack recently for being an instigator so now she’s at a point where the benefits and consequences are neck and neck. It is only at this point that she feels remorse and wants to make a change. I say cancel. Also for any of these people making these crazy reality shows: THEY DO NOT HAVE TO BE NEGATIVE DRAMA they just need TO be entertaining.(ie Runs house,Braxton show). A book is more entertaining though.

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  • Ben

    What type of people are so gullible and dumb that they think these reality shows are real.They all have scriptwriters and producers who tell them what to say, set up outings, fights and drama.It is very sad that too many black people are fans of this type of foolishness.

    • Huny

      Not that serious . Entertainment.

  • do more reading

    AWWWWW man please, u knew what u was doing..Hell she hype up the drama,always needing to “confront” somebody to get facts right…U are a female, u KNOW where that will lead. RATINGS is the name of the TV game, and now that these groupies have gone and gotten bigger than u at ur own show, now its turning out to be a problem….lol. Shaq come get ur peoples….

    • xoxo's frombklyn,biiitch

      let’s be real. if vh1 came to any one of y’all with a check you’d take it and ask questions later…..
      Some people’s soul are more expensive than others but almost everybody has their price.

  • Yeas

    Thanks abcdefg

  • Janay

    Magistrr v… I totally agree. She should cancel it if She really wants to make a difference. I think she has gotten so much flack recently for being an instigator so now she’s at a point where the benefits and consequences are neck and neck. It is only at this point that she feels remorse and wants to make a change. I say cancel.

  • sare

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  • RazeKane

    Hey Shaunie you need to muzzle your schizo friend Tami and if you can’t get shorty or that 10 pounder chic…she seem to have more balls then all them drama queens.

  • Toya

    ummmm…Hasn’t this show always been drama from the beginning. So WTH is she talking about?

  • London

    SHAUNIE who the f*ck do you think your fooling??? your on VH1 the same TV program that had “Flavor of Love” and “I Love New York” You act like you were on the Discovery Channel or TLC…Girl bye cause you know if you don’t bring the drama VH1 will drop your show in a heartbeat…that’s all they want is drama. You sit there on the show as well and talk about some of the ladies behind there back..I don’t always see you being the “peace maker”…cause if that was the case you would of left Meeka home cause you knew Tami was itching to smack the hell out of her..which she did. You knew something was going to happen…so go head with all that bullsh!t…lol Keep getting your checks off this lady filled drama like you been doing and stfu please lol

  • ReALiSt ThE MeNaCe

    Shaunie??? She’s a lying azz expired bytch – this crazy bytch is just pimping these other low IQ having tramps to enrich herself… Save that bs for the birds, Shaunie..

  • jayluv

    DID SHE REALLY SAY THIS, “I hate that it has to be a fight or an argument that gives us 4.2 million viewers.” REALLY NOW?


  • LIZ

    For the MOST memorable thing to be from the show “You a Non- Mother-F**king Factor!” Come on Shaunie— that’s what the Show will be soon along with you!! Trust and Believe TRUTH will be told!

  • resurrected

    Well if she wanted the show to be better and set upon a more positive image then she should have spend more time when doing or agreeing to the terms of the contract of the show. She knows hollywood and the way the white media works it should be of no surprise to her.

  • knowitallkinda

    Shaunie, water seeks its own level. And so do you. Weren’t you married when you met Shaq? Weren’t you going with your trainer and stashing away Shaq’s money in secret accounts? So why would you be above it all when tacky women publicly exhibit behavior comparable to your own private behavior — not to mention the young man you’re paying to be your boyfriend right under your children’s eyes. You’re crying all the way to the bank as Head Ho in Charge of this demeaning mess. Meeka was ostracized for just trying to conform to the script. She does have a real husband, stable family and career. And yet Shaunie joins the chorus in kicking her to the curb. Good riddance, Shaq. Even Hoops looks better than this semi-homely ho.

  • qb

    As long as she is getting them checks, she dont care!! Anyway, she could easily edit some of that stuff out. Shaunie if you asked me causes most of the drama by having them go on trips together to get in fights.

  • CoOkiE

    In a word, Shaunie is a bold face LIAR! is this another way of getting ratings, more viewers, I think so.

  • Soul Touch

    What ever Shaunie. Cha.

  • yeahME

    Vanessa, Monica and Khloe are prob sitting back laughing at the BBW LA broads. People make me sick…will get on tv & do anything for $.

  • President Barack Obama

    What are you stupid? Shaunie’s the executive producer/creator of the show, she decides who’s gonna be on basketball wives, basketball wives LA, basketball children, basketball mommas, etc………

  • rene

    Lov the show however, some of the sences have taking me back to school. There was always a leader( I never let anyone lead me in school i was my own person) Tammy reminds me of the girls in school. She does not want to let anyone new in the gang if you don’t kiss her feet. The other girls are the followers and could take up for Mekia and mabe say “thats who Mekia is ” instead of being the followers they are.Tammy talks wit her hands never the less she won’t let anyone be who they are . If you really know us females we like to discuss talk think out loud and sometimes say things we should not say.

  • King Beef

    Shaunie acting like a real politician. That?s right Shaunie deflect the blame on the cast, you had no role in creating the drama, riight. Lying all the way to the bank.

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