Random Ridiculousness: Folks Are Rockin Diamond Encrusted Contact Lenses Now And Paying $15,000 For Them

- By Bossip Staff

Iced out eyeballs?? Word??? Is it really that serious…especially with this whole “Debt Ceiling Crisis” we have going on?!?!?!?!

That twinkle in her eye? It might have cost $15,000. Beauty addicts are eyeing a new trend — custom-made, gold-plated contact lenses featuring 18 twinkling diamonds. The eerie and alluring new jewelry line from Shekhar Eye Research satisfies those who aren’t content to simply boast bling on their skin.

Creator Chandrashekhar Chawan tried his hand at gold-dust contact lenses, but they lacked the “sparkle effect” he was looking for. He found his inspiration, oddly, through cosmetic dentistry: Chawan’s wife had diamonds planted on her teeth at her last dentist visit, and he realized that people loved jewels anywhere and everywhere.

“I got mixed responses — some said its looks scary, but most of the people loved it,” said Chawan in a TODAY.com interview. “Bollywood personalities loved the concept, that it’s going to be ‘in thing’ in fashion soon.

Ladies, would you rock some stupid a$s ish like this????


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  • Gat Turner BLAM! BLAM!!

    N*gros will follow….

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  • Miss_danielle


  • Matix Double Negative B

    She looks scary as HE!! HELL NO-waste not want not.

  • lt

    oh, hell naw, she looks crazy.

  • Sir Nose

    i will not laugh. i will not laugh. i will not laugh. . . . . LMBAO !

  • WithAllHonesty

    LOL dumb. It looks weird. And if were one to do it, I don’t see why they wouldn’t use colored stones. And if they are using color why not just stick to color contacts?!


  • Daisy Jay

    Me, I’m not the kind of person to buy something I seriously don’t need. Especially if it means having to spend and arm and a leg on it. These contacts…who thinks of these wacky ideas? People sit, think, then request this crap? Everybody else can waste their money if they want, I wouldn’t touch them if I had all the money in the world.

    Heck, do you know how much gas 15k could pay for? ….a day’s worth xD

  • Tee

    LMFAO! yup smh

  • Mikkalotious

    OMG!!! LMAO!!!!Sad but true…

  • Daisy Jay


  • Light Seeker

    Its no dumber than a tatoo of a dang icecream cone on your face. At least these people have that oil $$. But still its dumber than a doornail. 30K kids died in Africa in the last 90 days and this broad walking around with diamond eyes. Feed the children

  • Shilee

    that $15,000 could’ve been best used to fixed that raggedy, razor, bumpy azz face!!!!!!!!!

    #LETSGETITRIGHTSLOWBYTCH! ol’ 2-tone chin ho!

  • Herudagod

    When she become blind and won’t able to see then she’ll regret her stupidity. Regular contacts aren’t even safe.

  • prissa

    LOL @ president Barack

  • Lailah

    People r starvng 3.5millions in africa right now. Please donate instead of spending 15,000 u$d on contacts instead of spending 15,000 u$d on contacts

  • chick

    U can certain tell who is dirt poor nd can’t afford they make reference to other people or races. Lol. It is a stupid. Idea.

  • UltraRunner

    Wow you’re so right! I hate seeing people spend money on ridiculously high end items but aren’t already 100% together!
    Like the raggedy toothed lady shopping at Hermes!! Seriously!

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