Mud Duck Beating Her Son On Bus Leads To Her Peoples Shooting It Up With Assault Rifles!! [Video]

- By Bossip Staff
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  • big c

    monkey got a gun so monkey wants to shoot the gun at innocent people over nothng,

  • nicca_please

    It look like something you see in Africa but niccas are all the same world wide…SMH

  • Don't WorryAboutIt

    This is why u need to mind your business, and leave others alone. I did NOT see child abuse here. The other guy most likely was the instigator. Granted I do NOT condone violence.

  • ggggg

    Because she hit her child on the b**t? These politically correct donkeys need to be slapped but shes weak because she can’t stand up for her self and want to have innocent people killed because she’s a weak a**. Ghetto Idoits

  • Magister Veritatis (RNI)

    This is why I say inner city n8ggaz are ignorant.

  • team nymphis

    these bum azz simple ni99@$ are worthless to society.this look like some Hotel Rawanda shxt

  • ok....dayumm

    That wasn’t even child abuse…a smack on the bottom..SMH. But for the relatives to do what they did is just ignorant, crazy, out of this world! What were they thinking? So they’re willing to do hard time over some nonsense? Well..I guess they’ll increase their life expectancy by being locked up and the world will be a safer place.

  • team nymphis

    I keep sayin put that puffer fish poison on the ebt cards and put rat poison in the RC

  • wookin’ pu nub

    Young black women and men that act like this are severely ignorant and should not be able to reproduce!

  • mediavest7floor


  • Tee

    Very sad! I can’t believe my eyes smh



    ***HARD EYE ROLL***

  • Guess who's back

    First off, she should of had some control of her little yard ape instead of getting pissed because he’s acting like a child. Second these idiots clearly wanted trouble and to show someone how “hard” they are. When in fact they are the worse kind of people:cowards.Third and most importantly, is this really what she exposes her kid to? They all need to be put in cages where they belong especially the “mother”.They do all this and then run? Why you running gangsta? Stand up like a man, oh i forgot these aren’t real men or women.

  • Nic Pal1

    I’m a North Philadelphian and I am so done with Phila I dont know what to do seriously. How do you have a AK-47 rifle in your pants SERIOUSLY!!!

  • smh

    This is exactly WHY blacks will ALWAYS be stereotyped as “GHETTO” !!!


    Karma is a train that is always on time.


  • Guest

    Why,what,when and who. So many questions. What was the purpose of them shooting up the bus. Did someone say something to her about spanking her child? So lost……

  • Daisy Jay

    *rolls eyes, speechless*

  • MAD

    Is this for real…really…oh my gosh…really…i’m in disbelief

  • lucy

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  • uknoitsromaro

    I hope the judge locks they A** up for many years , hopefully the charges can be slated for attempted murder

  • the truth king

    First off who still be calling people mud ducks??? Second of all the people saying this is wrong, the world is civilised and all that crap…please, the world aint never been civilized this is what it is…this is life…

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