Babyface Loving the B-List Life

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Earlier this year when Babyface copped himself a bootleg Tracey Edmonds we thought it was a desperate attempt to keep up with his ex-wife’s newly acquired A-list status. In a recent interview, he makes it clear that he has no problems being washed up b-list.

“It’s not like I feel like a star or have ever really felt like that. A celebrity? Yeah, it gets me in restaurants and I can (go to the head of the line) at Disneyland. I like that part. But for me, I feel for Tracey and Eddie because of what they gotta go through. Everybody’s on them and now (that they’re engaged) they’re going to be on them even more. And I wouldn’t want that. That’s like a little too much for me with people all in your business with their opinions of you and what your life choices are.

I am kinda happy being a b-list star. That’s OK to me. I like being a musician and a writer. I’m OK with that. I don’t need to be the hottest guy or being looked at as anything other than with respect. I feel blessed to be in the space that I’m in”

As long as his “b-list” status allows him to hop the line at Target, I’m not mad at him.


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