Question Of The Day: Could You Forgive Someone Regardless Of What They’ve Done To You??

- By Bossip Staff

This James Moss, but based on his despicable behavior we’re pretty sure that he’s also the devil in the flesh!

If you remember a couple days ago we posted a story about a father (Moss) that burned his sons hand on the stove and forced him into an oven, threatening to turn it on. However, during his trial he got the support of the last person you would expect…

His vicious father burned his hands on a stove and stuffed him in an oven during a horrific attack last year, but 11-year-old Chris Moss still couldn’t bear to see his old man jailed yesterday.

In a tearful statement in Staten Island Supreme Court, the boy implored a judge to go easy on his dad for his “mistake.”

“Right now, I’m crying because he is the only dad I need, and if he’s not with me, I’m nothing without him,” Chris told the court.

Chris’ father, James, 53, pleaded guilty this week to attacking the boy in May 2010 in Graniteville after accusing him of stealing cash from his wallet.

Chris read this statement in front the the court which ultimately saved his father from years of imprisonment.

Disclaimer: You may want to get some tissues first…

Dear judge,

I will fight so hard for my dad to live with me. He made a big mistake but really somewhere in his heart, he’s funny, lovable, caring, and the greatest father in the whole entire world. Everybody in my family like uncles, aunts, cousins, my mom, my sister, grandma, his mom, and me is giving him a second chance. Will you?

God will solve everything if you can make the right choice. And I forgive my dad a lot.

From Chris Moss
God will forgive everything

Do you think you would have the ability to forgive someone that did something so evil and terrible to you?


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  • lj28304

    I understand what this child is trying to say, however if his father was this vicious enough to do these such this in such a horrific way, there would be no way in 2 blue hells I would let this man ever have the opportunity to be in the presence of this child again. It’s ok to forgive as GOD forgives as well but let’s not be stupid about this situation. Why did he attack this child in he first place? What in the hell was going on in his mind to make him even do such a thing? If he could do it once, he can probably do something else. He does not deserve the right to be with his child. He should have thought about the consequences before he decided to attack this boy. But the boy needs to forgive his father in order to move on with his life, I get that! Under no circumstance should he ever be allowed around him tho!!! Just my opinion!!!

  • Cici & Coco -The Besties

    Yea the kid sounds brainwashed. This sounds like an abusive relationship. It’s disturbing. Anyone who can do that to their own blood is mentally unstable. When will the abuse be enough? Those who abuse do not love u. He is a sheep with a veil covering his eyes. Now when & if the veil gets removes & he finally sees his father as the wolf that he is, it wont end well. Most likely gonna snap like most abused victims do. He needs help. Lock up the father.

  • Cici & Coco -The Besties

    Im sorry to hear that & glad to see u forgived. Forgiveness is for ur benefit it frees u from their grasp on u. Anger can definitely cripple u. But just because u forgive dsnt mean u run back to the abuse. This kid is still young he dsnt know yet.

  • lj28304

    Beautifully made, I am so sorry to hear those horrific this happened to you. You def did the right thing by forgiving. It takes the will of GOD in order to forgive something like that and it is only gonna make you a stronger person in the long run. Blessings to you and your family!!!

  • http://google SMH

    Such wisdom from a 11yr old, I wonder what adult in his family dictated the letter. A father and son should have a strong bond between them but dad violated it with abuse, what guarantees that he won’t do it again? As for forgiving someone for what they’ve done I gladly forgive them because I know that KARMA is a mfkr.

  • Tye

    I heard about this & its so sad that a father would traumatize his child like that. The son loves his father & its big of him to forgive him & welcome him back in his life. Everything should be forgivable; it happens daily. There’s murderers, serial killers, & child molesters who are forgiven for their actions. Sure I can forgive but someone that close to me I wouldn’t be so open to letting them right back in w/out some form of intervention. Hugs to little man in recovering from that!

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