When Pigs Fly: Jennifer Hudson Says She Is Now A Size Zero

- By Bossip Staff

Ummm…size zero?

She has famously shed 80lbs and gone down a massive five dress sizes in recent years. But now, the ever shrinking star Jennifer Hudson has shrunk down to a U.S. size zero, it has emerged. On Friday’s edition of U.S. talk show The View, presenter Joy Behar revealed that on a recent shopping trip, she bumped into the actress and overheard a salesperson tell the Dreamgirls star she was a size zero. Joy recalled she asked Jennifer how it felt to be the much coveted but controversially small size.
‘I feel like they’re talking to someone else,’ she replied. The Oscar winning star became a spokesman for Weight Watchers in April 2010, eight months after giving birth to her son David Jr. The star showed off the results of her regime at a Chicago fundraiser earlier this week, singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to President Obama, where she appeared in a slim fitting black mini dress. She initially dropped from a U.S. size 16 to a size four through diet and working out for regular workout sessions with personal trainer, Harley Pasternak.

She has expressed delight at her transformation, telling USA Today in January: ‘Instead of saying I lost this or that, I [say I] feel like I gained 10 years of my youth back.

GTFOHWTBS. We know she lost a GANG of weight, but size zero??? 0??? Nah, we can’t even believe that one, even if it came out of Joy Behar’s mouth.

She still looks great nonetheless…


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  • JUSTQua

    Im a huge J-Hud fan but I refuse to believe she’s smaller than Kelly Rowland who is a size 2(US)
    I agree whit y’all GTFOHWTBS

  • Bethany

    If Kelly Osborne can say she’s a size zero, then I have no problem believing Jennifer Hudson is. Though, I don’t know what anyone thinks is cute about being a size zero.

  • Hershey Kiss

    she is a damn like maybe she still a size 4 or maybe even a 3. But a zero gtfoh. Im a size 6/7 and im still small she aint gotta lie

  • gina

    Oprah is a 6

    Gabby (precious)…is a 8

    By Christmas JHud will tell us what’s really up! I am a 8 and will tell you I am a 4 if your noses azz.ask

  • Bostonchick

    lol shoot a girl can dream, when I was 4… I thought I was a bunny.

    but for real… if she is a 0 then I must be a negative number cause she look like she got 20 pounds on me!

  • King Beef

    I?m all in for good health, but at what point do you need to stop dropping the pounds. Some chicks lose too much weight and end up skinny with a big azz head.

  • hahahahaha

    A zero at Lane Bryant maybe…..the person who told her she’s a azero just wanted to make the sale.

  • Brownsugyrl

    She a size zero from like, one designer who was tryna make her feel good! For JHud I believe a 6 would b her sweet spot. Even 4 is too small. Saw her at the Essence Festival and she got loose skin! (thumbsdown in disgust)

  • devotee86

    If you haven’t seen her in person…no one can say what size she is…u can not go by how someone looks on tv or the internet..that’s ignorant

  • dee

    @Gina Precious is not a damn 8! Maybe a 28 but not an 8!

  • faebae

    She a lie! She kno she aint no size zero

  • Ohio Chick

    Well in the past she also said she was a size 8 when she was clearly a size 16. Not hating merely stating facts.

  • Amethyst

    I luv u Jennifer, but u are not a zero honey. If that was the fact her and Jada would be the same size. Jennifer couldn’t get half her leg into a size zero. She’s probably a 6 or 8.

  • whatevs

    Nowhere in the article does it say Jennifer said she was a 0. It says JOY BEHAR overheard a salesperson tell Jennifer she was a 0.

  • homicidalbrainiac

    At 5’3″ and a half I was a size 0…in retrospect- not a good look…for Jennifer I find this to be a little far fetched…the average runway model is a size 3-4 and at least 5′ 7″…size 0 on someone as tall as Jennifer wouldn’t look very healthy at all

  • abbie

    She did not lose this weight naturally cause she has way too much loose skin on her. I am her size at best I’m in a 4/5 depending on my jeans 5/6.

  • homicidalbrainiac

    @ Miz Elle…I have yet to see anyone who looked just fabulous at that size…

  • Michelle

    Its not like she said it, its hear say so where is the news? Plus I am sure that by now she has lost more than just 80 pounds. Why are people responding to this like she said it?


    @abbie fool have you seen all of these weightloss shows where people lose weight by training and diet and excercise and then they have to get skin removal? All she lost was 80 pounds originally that is nothing in the big scheme of things only fat lazy people would think that you cannot lose that type of weight without surgery and that’s sad. SMDH


    @LMJ your comment is so ignorant I don’t even kow where to start, sounds like ignorance and jealousy to me. First of all you can be happy in your skin when you are big but there comes a time when you realize that it is not all about that but is about being healthy, Jennifer made her decision after the birth of her child, at that point she decided that she wanted to be healthy for her child, bringing your child into the world can do that, she has a son who she wants to run and play with and have fun and not worry about being out of breath and tired all the time. You people always look at stuff so negatively, you can’t stand these women because they chose health? That makes you an idiot, you must be a big fat lazy fool.

  • some folks

    She means in a designer dress! A size zero is between the sizes 1 & 5 in regular clothes…a size two is between 6 & 10…SMH…designer dresses are ranged differently…look it up…


    Back @ homicidalbrainic…what is a size zero anyway? Its like the vanishing deductable guy…lol…whats the next accomplishment? Revert back to baby clothes…GTFOH!


    Wait hold up! The article states that Joy Behar claims to have over heard the sales person say that Jennifer is a size 0 not that Jennifer herself is claiming to be a size 0. Furthermore, I think she looks great regardless.

  • stopitclown

    That don’t even sound good a size 0, she don’t need to lose no more weight she good

  • gina

    U guys need to read d article bcos she didn’t say she is a size 0. JOY BEGAT FROM THE VIEW SAID SHE OVERHEARD A SALES PERSON SAY JHUD IS A SIZE 0. PROBABLY EXAGGERATED.

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